Estetica Thailandia Organizes Sex Change Surgery Tour in Thailand

Estetica Thailandia in collaboration with Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is organizing a GRS group project in Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand, March 21, 2012 --( As the capital of sex change surgery, thousands of transgender from around the world visit Thailand for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) and Facial Femminization Surgery (FFS). There are many world class sex change surgeons in Thailand who offer an affordable price with high quality comparing to those from the US and European countries. Many transgender persons from around the world have had a lonely SRS experience and found it difficult to go through this tough moment in an unfamiliar country like Thailand.

Charee, the founder of Estetica Thailandia, says, “Estetica Thailandia services are designed exclusively for transgender to make our clients’ SRS trip easier than coming alone. Our clients who come in the same period for the common purpose will be presented to know each other and can do some activities during the post-operative convalescence. We believe that this can help the patients to avoid post-operative depression caused by pain, nostalgia and loneliness.” Besides this friendship, the patient will have an experienced liaison from Estetica Thailandia who will accompany the patient through each step to make their dreams come true.

Estetica Thailandia in collaboration with Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is organizing GRS/SRS group tour during September-October 2012. Interested clients can freely select the date of departure and will have to stay at least 17 days in Bangkok: 5 nights in private hospital room at Piyavate hospital, one of the best hospital in Thailand and another 12 nights of hotel stay at special rates. The clients will have Estetica Thailandia’s liaison who will be with you from your first step at the airport until your departure from Thailand.

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Charee Sripaisalmongkol