Vaultize Helps Enterprises Embrace Consumerization of IT with the Launch of iPad and iPhone Application

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and sync solution, today announced the launch of its application for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The Vaultize application allows users to securely browse, view and download their files from their Vaultize accounts, while allowing the company IT team to control and administer devices through the centralized console. It is available free for download from the Apple App Store.

Mountain View, CA, March 21, 2012 --( Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and sync solution, is helping enterprises embrace the consumerization of IT and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend with the launch of its native iPad, iPod and iPhone application. Through this app, an enterprise user can securely and easily browse, view and download files of his laptop or desktop from Vaultize cloud, empowering him with anywhere anytime access to his data. Users can quickly view and download the recently used files, and also browse through all their files by device and folder structure.

Vaultize is the first backup solution in the world to do both encryption and de-duplication together at source. While all cloud-based backup solutions perform encryption at the cloud server, Vaultize encrypts data at source before it leaves the device. In addition to backup and sync between user devices, Vaultize’s "Group Sync" feature provides Dropbox-like file sharing and synchronization across users with enterprise-grade security, control and centralized administration.

Vaultize also offers flexible deployment options, other than the default Rackspace hosting in the US to its enterprise customers. Enterprises can choose any other public cloud provider and any geographical location. Additionally they can choose to deploy Vaultize in their own private cloud, data center, in a virtual private cloud or go the hybrid way.

Vaultize pricing is simple and transparent. Businesses are charged flat fee “per GB” computed on the storage consumed in cloud - calculated post de-duplication and compression. And, there is no user, device or feature licensing.

About Vaultize:

Vaultize is an award-winning flagship product from Anoosmar Technologies – a privately held and bootstrapped company with registered office in Pune (India). It is the first backup, sharing and sync solution in the world that is designed from the ground-up specifically for cloud using multi-tenant architecture and enterprise-class security, control and SLAs.

The co-founders Anand Kekre (CEO) and Ankur Panchbudhe (CTO) come with technology leadership and executive management experience working previously at IBM, VERITAS, Symantec, Reconnex and McAfee before starting this venture. They together hold 72 US patents.
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