Vaultize Introduces Enterprise Wipe to Its Mobility and File Sharing Platform

Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) and Mobility vendor Vaultize strengthens its BYOD strategy by introducing Enterprise Wipe into its platform. Enterprise wipe is a security feature that reduces business risk by selectively erasing only enterprise-controlled data without affecting the personal content. - August 01, 2013

Vaultize Welcomes Former Symantec and CommVault Executive Vivek Anand to Its Management Team for Global Emerging Market Expansion

Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) and Mobility vendor Vaultize strengthens its executive team by appointing storage industry veteran Vivek Anand as Vice President of Sales to head global emerging markets. Vivek brings over 17 years of progressive business leadership experience across Enterprise Storage, Data Protection, Security and Networking domains - working for companies like Veritas, Symantec and CommVault. - June 24, 2013

SmartOffice and Vaultize Partner to Deliver Secure Office in Vaultize Enterprise File Sharing Platform

SmartOffice Technologies Limited, the leading provider of secure office solutions for enterprise, is pleased to announce a technology Partnership with Vaultize bringing secure mobile office to their enterprise file sharing solution. SmartOffice’s wholly owned technology, developed over the... - May 04, 2013

Vaultize Enables Anywhere-Anytime Access Across Firewall to Corporate File Servers and NAS Through Its Enterprise File Sharing

Enterprise File Sharing/Sync and backup vendor Vaultize now supports anytime-anywhere access to files on corporate file servers and NAS from any device across firewall. With this, enterprise IT can leverage the corporate file sharing infrastructure and extend its use as cloud-based file sync/share with complete IT control and visibility. - February 28, 2013

Vaultize Launches Endpoint Encryption to Complement Its File Sharing and Endpoint Backup for Businesses and Enterprises

File Sharing and storage vendor Vaultize launched corporate endpoint encryption this week to complement its file sync/sharing and endpoint backup offering – everything available under a single enterprise-managed platform. - February 15, 2013

NEC India and Vaultize Enter Into a Strategic Partnership - Enhance Cloud Offering for Enterprise Customers

NEC India has entered into a strategic alliance with Vaultize – an enterprise cloud backup and sharing solution provider, to jointly go to market with Vaultize’s enterprise cloud backup, sharing and mobility platform through NEC’s cloud aggregator platform. - January 31, 2013

Vaultize Unveils Data Privacy Option in Its File Sharing and Endpoint Backup

Vaultize, an enterprise laptop backup, file sharing and mobility solution, is unveiling Data Privacy Option (DPO) to help businesses comply with data privacy, data residency and data protection regulations. It is the first storage vendor to offer a feature like this. - January 22, 2013

Vaultize Enhances Enterprise Mobility with the Launch of Android App

Vaultize, an enterprise backup, sharing and mobility solution, today announced the availability of its Android App, which allows users anywhere and anytime access to the files backed up from their laptops/desktops or shared by their colleagues using ‘Group Sync’. It is available free for download from Google Play store. - November 26, 2012

Vaultize Announces Support for Google Apps – Becomes the First Solution to Combine Endpoint and Google Apps Backup

Vaultize, an enterprise backup and sharing solution, today announced the availability of Google Apps Backup for enterprise and business customers. It becomes the first enterprise-grade solution to combine endpoint and Google Apps backup in a single platform. Backup of data in Google Apps will be available as cloud-to-cloud backup in Vaultize public cloud and also through the other deployment options of Vaultize - private cloud, virtual private cloud and Cloud-in-a-box appliance. - August 21, 2012

Vaultize Announces Private Cloud Deployment Option Powered by OpenStack

Vaultize, a backup, sync and sharing solution for enterprises and businesses, today announced the availability of OpenStack-powered private cloud option for its enterprise customers. This adds one more deployment option to the existing ones that include public cloud, virtual private cloud and the Cloud-in-a-box series of fully-integrated appliances. - June 20, 2012

Vaultize Launches Industry’s First Backup, Sync and Sharing Appliance at CloudConnect

Vaultize, a backup, sync and sharing solution for enterprises and businesses, today announced the world-wide launch of its "Cloud-in-a-box" appliance series at CloudConnect in Bangalore. Cloud-in-a-box is an integrated platform with a combination of enterprise-grade hardware and Vaultize cloud software. This launch adds another deployment option for businesses in addition to the existing options of public cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployments. - May 26, 2012

Vaultize Announces Secure File Sharing with iPad and iPhone to Leverage the Growing BYOD Trend

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud backup, sharing and sync solution, today announced the availability of secure file sharing feature for iPad and iPhone users. Last month, Vaultize had launched its iOS app to help enterprise users securely browse, view and download their files from the Vaultize cloud. Vaultize now extends this offering so that users can also access the files shared with them by others, in real time. The Vaultize app is available Free for download from the Apple App Store. - April 19, 2012

Vaultize Helps Enterprises Embrace Consumerization of IT with the Launch of iPad and iPhone Application

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and sync solution, today announced the launch of its application for iPad, iPhone and iPod. The Vaultize application allows users to securely browse, view and download their files from their Vaultize accounts, while allowing the company IT team to control and administer devices through the centralized console. It is available free for download from the Apple App Store. - March 21, 2012

Vaultize Addresses Cloud Security Concerns of Enterprises with Encryption at Source

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and sync solution, addresses cloud security concerns of enterprises by performing encryption of data at source – on device itself. This removes a major impediment to enterprise adoption of cloud-based backup. - February 23, 2012

Vaultize Announces Global Partner Program for Enterprise Cloud-Based Backup, Sharing and Synchronization

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and sync solution, is announcing Vaultize Partner Program to expand through network of partners world-wide. - February 01, 2012

Vaultize Announces Simplified and Transparent Pricing for Enterprise Cloud-Backup, Sharing and Synchronization

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup, sharing and sync solution, has announced simplified and transparent pay-as-use pricing without any device or user licensing. While other cloud backup solutions require purchasing huge storage quota for every user or charge additional licensing fees per user or device, with Vaultize, businesses pay only for the amount of storage consumed in cloud after de-duplication and compression reducing the cloud storage requirement by as much as 90%. - January 16, 2012

Vaultize Named “Most Promising Technology Startup of 2011”

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-backup, sharing and group sync solution has been named in the select list of “Most Promising Technology Startups of 2011 from India” by the country’s largest startup platform The list was prepared after evaluating 340 nominations and was based on several parameters including the financial performance in year 2011, reaching certain milestones and most importantly, having a clear focus on business execution. - January 04, 2012

Vaultize Announces Flexible Cloud Deployment Options for Enterprise Backup, Sharing and Synchronization

Vaultize, an enterprise-class cloud-based backup and sync solution, is announcing flexible cloud deployment options for enterprises. In addition to its public cloud hosted on Rackspace, Vaultize now provides an option to choose from other public cloud providers and geographical locations. Enterprises can also choose to deploy Vaultize in their private cloud or in a virtual private cloud. This helps enterprises comply with external or internal regulations and security requirements. - December 14, 2011

Vaultize Unveils File Sharing and Group Synchronization for Enterprises

Vaultize unveils "Group Sync" - a facility for sharing and synchronization of files and folders across users, both inside and outside the company – with enterprise-class control and centralized administration. In addition to backup with unlimited continuous versioning, Vaultize now makes it easy for Businesses to securely share and collaborate on files and folders of any size. Everything comes at an affordable price – without any user, device or feature licensing or quota. - November 23, 2011

Anoosmar Technologies to Launch Enterprise-Class Cloud-Based Data Protection Solution Vaultize at INTEROP Mumbai 2011

Vaultize is the first data protection solution in the world designed from the ground-up specifically for the cloud with enterprise-class SLAs. Vaultize is a comprehensive data protection solution that ensures complete and secure protection of files, emails and application databases on laptops, desktops and servers. After the public beta announcement on August 2nd, 2011 Vaultize has attracted a significant interest world-wide from across businesses - SMBs, SMEs and large enterprises. - September 18, 2011

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