Liguori Publications Publishes Exclusive Spanish-Language Version of Georg Ratzinger’s Interview Book My Brother The Pope in the United States

St. Louis, MO, March 21, 2012 --( Liguori Publications has now published the Spanish version of the book My Brother the Pope, translated directly from the German, in the United States. The book is the result of the prestigious German journalist Michael Hesemann’s interviews with Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, Pope Benedict’s brother. It was published in Germany with great success prior to the Pope’s visit to his native country.

In 256 pages with 47 photographs, Georg Ratzinger tells us about the Ratzinger family’s life, with the profound Christian piety of his parents, the dishes and desserts that his mother made, the battle to resist and oppose National Socialism, the close bonds between the siblings, and many other details about their family life.

“Something we came to appreciate more after the war,” he says, “was the fact of having a home, with good, concerned parents and my dear siblings.” (p. 118).

The lives of the popes are often shrouded in mystery. They have a great mission at the head of the Church, but in the final analysis, they are also men.

“From the start,” said the Pope, “my brother Georg has been to me not only a trusted friend but, through the clarity and strength of his decisions, a reliable guide as well.” The popes also have older brothers.

This book is a privileged window into the most human side of the Pope: his love for music and animals, the refined sensitivity of his soul, his interest in literature. Did you know that on one occasion, due to a rivalry problem, he was almost given a failing grade on his doctoral exam? Did you know that afterwards, as a professor, he took a special interest in students who found themselves in similar situations?

After the book’s abundant sales in Europe, Liguori Publications is proud to offer it to Hispanics in the United States.

Michael Hesemann asks Msgr. Georg: “Has your brother changed since becoming Pope?” He answers, “No, he was still the same old Joseph, and he still is today. (...) As a human being he has not changed. He does not try to be pretentious. He presents himself as who he is.” (p. 213).

Their relationship as brothers has not changed, either. For Msgr. Georg, Benedict XVI is still “Joseph.” To the question “How do you address him then?” he responds, “I call him Joseph, of course; anything else would be abnormal!” (p. 221).

In these upcoming days when His Holiness will visit Mexico and Cuba, reading this book will help you get to know the Successor of Peter, who comes from far away with the desire to be close to all.

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