VenziMedia Launches Innovative Cross-Platform Online Advertising Solution for the Local/SMB Market

VenziMedia, an emerging tech power-player and team, launch an innovative, cross-platform digital advertising company tailored to the needs of local and small to medium-sized businesses.

San Francisco, CA, March 21, 2012 --( VenziMedia an ad tech startup is launching its real time cross platform advertising solution today for local/SMBs looking to expand their marketing campaigns to the boundless world of digital advertising. With the many restrictions faced by SMB’s – access to technology, small budgets, simplicity and understanding of advertising platforms -- VenziMedia offers affordable outlets and services to launch such small companies into the same league of big-budgeted advertisers.

Through their extensive partnerships with networks, ad exchanges and publishing partners, VenziMedia helps local/SMBs compete with established advertisers playing on a national and global level. Just the same, with their innovative solutions, VenziMedia can also bring larger companies to a local level by offering methods to push ads to targeted audiences geographically, demographically and the like through social channels. Even more effectively, VenziMedia also offers optimized re-targeting methods, enabling businesses to serve their ads more frequently to potential customers who have previously visited their sites. By tracking such visitors, online ad campaigns are then displayed on sites later visited by these customers repeating the companies’ exposure and increasing conversions.

By using every new-age digital avenue available, VenziMedia can connect clients with their consumers through their cross-platform network—via online display ads, mobile ads and social advertising. Boasting one of the largest inventories of publishers’ websites, VenziMedia can help easily market your business to 2 billion online users world wide and with their proprietary algorithms, can provide precise ad placements of the companies’ digital ad campaigns. With mobile advertising, using banner and text ads, VenziMedia can construct call to action features allowing potential customers one-click access to contact the businesses via phone, re-direct them to the companies’ websites or web stores, or lead them straight to iTunes or AppStores for easy and instant purchasing. More so, with social media on the forefront of consumer influence, in a world where a “Like” or a “Share” is equivalent to word-of-mouth advertising, VenziMedia can construct campaigns to launch brands into a viral market through Facebook's advertising platform.

“Whatever is available to the big brands, we want to make the access affordable to the smaller brands with the same service,” as envisioned by VenziMedia founder Ashnika Narayan. “We understand the needs and limitations of the small to medium-sized business market, because we’ve derived from that market.” With affordable and simple pricing models, which can be tailored to the specific needs and budgets of diverse SMBs, VenziMedia can help any company expand their customer pool, drive sales and increase their ROI.

By blanketing every digital platform available, a vast audience can be reached; with access to such an audience and progressive tools, along with affordable and simple pricing structures, even the smallest business can play in the big leagues with national, big brand advertisers. VenziMedia is a key player in bringing democracy to the monopolized world of online advertising.
Ashnika Narayan