Speedy PC Pro Updated - Whatregistrycleaner.com Reviews What's New for 2012

Whatregistrycleaner.com has been testing the latest version of Speedy PC Pro and the findings make interesting reading.

Cleveland, OH, March 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- As ever the new year brings with it new versions of many old software favorites each competing for business in the competitive "registry cleaner" field.

So what's the best value when it comes to fixing up your registry and maintaining top PC performance?

Here Whatregistrycleaner.com tests and evaluates the 2012 Speedy PC Pro registry cleaner.

Typically these utilities are designed to fix a PC’s problems by scanning to find the causes of sluggish, erratic performance and thoroughly cleaning the Windows registry to correct the registry errors which are the cause of so many PC problems.

Speedy PC Pro: much more than just a registry cleaner.

Following the runaway success of their acclaimed SpeedyPC package the SpeedyPC Software team returns with Speedy PC Pro, a new version of their registry cleaner software, claimed to be more powerful, effective, and comprehensive than the original. It’s a bold claim so whatregistry.com had to take a look. Here are the results.

Although its predecessor was very capable, the new “Pro” release surprised by its range of functionality. Of course the registry cleaner remains at the heart of the package, but Speedy PC Pro also provides an ActiveX error remover, comprehensive virus protection and even a memory defragmenting tool among its many features. In fact, its a whole suite of tools designed to optimize your PC in many different ways.

So let’s take a quick look at what some of these tools can do.

Naturally, Speedy PC Pro’s most potent weapon is the registry cleaner which identifies and purges the redundant files and other clutter which accumulate on your hard drive over time, to free-up valuable disk space. Removing this junk helps your PC, and therefore you, work more quickly and efficiently.

The overall objective of the Speedy PC Pro package is to significantly improve the speed and the performance of your PC and running the registry cleaner on a test machine revealed several hundred errors which were instantly eradicated using the one-click “fix all” button, delivering impressive performance gains right-away and a generally smoother experience.

Speed increased and junk files and redundant registry entries were eliminated entirely, all without affecting functionality in any way. It’s an outstanding performance and the main reason why whatregistrycleaner.com ranks Speedy PC Pro the number one registry cleaner.

But far from a simple registry cleaner Speedy PC Pro is in fact a suite of PC tuning tools including:-

1. A full back-up utility, which allows you to safely store important files without the threat of hard drive failure
2. A start-up tuner, which can significantly reduce the time it takes for your computer to boot up and can smooth out a number of other performance issues
3. Confidential information protection

and many other handy features.

Another useful yet little-known function – optimizing memory on the test PC by defragmenting it. While many people are aware of the benefits of defragmenting the hard drive, few will have heard about defragmenting memory.

As you use your PC opening one application after another the ram capacity is allocated to various operations but after they’re finished is not always released in such a way as to be readily available for other functions. This little utility clears these anomalies. In effect it saves you from needing to reboot your system to recover memory. Handy.

A word of advice. Don’t worry about that word ‘Pro’: it refers to the capability of the package not the user and the program is suitable for the novice user and expert alike.

Like the original version, Speedy PC Pro has a user-friendly interface with simple one-click options allowing even the newest user to take full advantage of the program’s benefits. In short, sharpening-up your PC has never been easier.

Given the array of extra features you might expect it to be considerably more expensive than it’s predecessor but this entire package costs less than you can pay for a decent antivirus tool on its own.

With Speedy PC Pro, the antivirus tool is just one of many functions included. It's hard to find fault with this package.

"As hackers become ever more sophisticated it's vitally important to keep your information safe and secure online. That means keeping your PC clean and protected from viruses, malware and phishing attacks.

It's impossible for the average PC user to do that without help but in a tough economy it's tempting to put-off a small investment in your online security," said Whatregistrycleaner.com media relations officer Jay DeSanto.

"Of course it's important to spend your investment wisely but be sure to mend the roof now: don't wait till it's raining. And since you get to try-before-you-buy with the free download and scan it’s hard to see a downside."

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Jay DeSanto