Orca Surgical Has Launched the First Dynamic Epikeratome at the ESCRS Prague 2012

Orca Surgical introduced its patented Epi-Clear™ device and a new treatment paradigm, EBK™ (Epi Bowman's Keratectomy) for Refractive Surgery and Keratoconus at the ESCRS winter meeting in Prague.

Kiryat- Shmona, Israel, March 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Orca Surgical introduced its patented Epi-Clear™ device and a new treatment paradigm, EBK™ (Epi Bowman's Keratectomy) at the ESCRS winter meeting in Prague.

The Epi-Clear epikeratome is used to perform the EBK procedure. It is the industry's first dynamic epikeratome for refractive laser surgery, and is designed to be used for other cornea surgeries, such as cross linking, refractive surgery enhancements, Lamellar keratoplasty and recurrent corneal erosion.

The Epi-Clear tip has an innovative polymer multi-blade configuration to allow uniform peeling of the epithelium until Bowman's layer is visualized. Epithelial cell residue is simultaneously collected within the tip.

"Fifteen years of experience in refractive surgery and over 40,000 surgeries has led us the conclusion that when it comes to safety, surface ablation is the only choice for refractive surgery,” says Yariv Bar-On, Optometrist and CEO at Orca Surgical.

“Market research indicates strong growth in the number of surface ablation procedures performed each year. We believe we have developed the ultimate surgical tool for this purpose,"added Meytal Snir Gal, VP Marketing at Orca Surgical

EBK is the only procedure that removes the epithelium layer by layer, leaving Bowman's layer completely intact. This creates the ideal treatment bed for the laser and enhances treatment predictability.

The Epi-Clear device and EBK procedure will be introduced at the free-paper presentation at the ESCRS meeting by Dr. Tayeb Matzliah entitled “Epi-Bowman Keratectomy [EBK]: A New Device for Corneal Epithelial Ablation.”

Orca surgical has completed a successful porcine trial.

“With the Epi-Clear epikeratome, it only took me a few seconds to achieve excellent results,” says David BenNisan, M.D. an investigator at the Epi-Clear clinical trial.

Orca Surgical develops pioneering solutions for refractive ophthalmologic surgery focused on the cornea. Orca Surgical has been granted a patent on the Epi-Clear device and recently filed for CE approval. For more information please visit www.orcasurgical.com.
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