Chinese Stocks to Benefit from Expected 7.5-Percent Growth in Domestic Economy

Updated report from Investing Daily refreshes advisory outlook on 10 emerging market stocks.

Falls Church, VA, March 22, 2012 --( Valuations remain relatively low after Asia’s massive underperformance last year, which offers buy-and-hold investors an attractive entry point. Asia as a whole trades at compelling valuations so long as a new global financial crisis doesn’t materialize. Asian markets offer the best long-term economic fundamentals of all the emerging economies. This makes Asian stocks attractive to individual investors and institutional money managers alike.

Additionally, Asia’s economic growth is resuming its upward trend. The Purchasing Managers Indexes (PMI) for both China and India recently produced positive readings, which indicates economic expansion. Meanwhile, the PMIs for both Taiwan and South Korea are also improving. Asia’s economic recovery is still unfolding, but indicators suggest economic growth is regaining momentum.

China in particular is expected to continue being a major source of growth for the global economy. Inflation, one of the most troublesome challenges faced by the country last year, should come in at less than 5 percent in 2012, which will give policy makers more room to adjust to changing market conditions. The country has also made great efforts to liberalize its economy and address the anxieties of its trade partners.

China is now the biggest export market for South Korea, Japan, Brazil, the Southeast Asian region, and South Africa. China is also the second-biggest export market for the European Union, and the third-biggest market for the US.

The findings are the result of an ongoing investigation into Asian stocks by industry analyst Yiannis Mostrous for his investment advisory service, Global Investment Strategist. The findings are summarized in his updated report, Asian Stock Market Picks to Buy Now–one of the 15 special investment advisory reports currently available for free on Investing Daily.

“We believe that China’s impressive growth story will continue in 2012, fueled by strength in exports and a rising consumer market. Asia’s demographics are extremely impressive and important. When it comes to what researchers call demographic advantage, Asia is the spot. The region’s dependency ratio is still decreasing and is not expected to stop or reverse its decline for many years. We think all investors should be aware of this general trend,” stated report author Yiannis Mostrous.

The report details the market conditions behind the top Asian stock picks that Yiannis Mostrous believes will outperform the market in the coming months. “I wanted to alert the investment public about the macroeconomic conditions in these emerging Asian markets, but I also wanted to provide actionable advice that they could benefit from, which is why I included over 10 stock recommendations in the report as well,” added Yiannis Mostrous.

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