Increase Social Media Sharing and Convert Incoming Website Traffic

Sharingforceâ„¢ to launch public beta share APP with C.O.I.L. system.

Toronto, Canada, March 26, 2012 --( Sharingforce™ has announced the upcoming Beta launch of their share & C.O.I.L. APP. With the public launch, businesses are able to download and install the APP themselves, create reward campaigns and manage their accounts through a user-friendly interface.

Sharingforce™ is predicated on the belief that stakeholders, a business’ customers, should be rewarded for online referrals (Digital Word of Mouth™ referrals). By offering an entry into a contest or a small discount or promotion, shares have risen over 6000% and increased referred traffic by over 20 times in their test market. The last piece of the puzzle was introducing C.O.I.L.TM (Convert Opportunities Into Leads) to incentivize website traffic with coupons, driving more customers through the door.

“There were two imminent problems in the online marketing world that we noticed. One, SMB’s were struggling to navigate the Social Media space and encourage their customers to share them with their online friends, and Two, these same SMB’s were spending a ton of money on website traffic but were unable to consistently convert that traffic into high quality leads,” says Sean Spector, Chief Platform Officer (CPO). “Sharingforce answers both of these problems in a seamless, easy to use APP that allows businesses to reward their customers for sharing and offer discounts and promotions to incoming traffic.”

Having successfully completed test campaigns with Victoria Duffield, Warner Music, StudentAwards and Decorium, along with a multitude of small and medium sized merchants in the Greater Toronto Area, Sharingforce™ is poised to fill a major gap in the online marketing world with the Beta launch of their platform. Interest has already been shown by many major potential media partners and resellers in North America, with deals in place for Canada and the Carribean.

“Our system is extremely robust right now, but we don’t want to overwhelm our users right out of the gate,” says Spector. “We believe that what we are launching with is of the utmost importance for our clients to see the power of Sharingforce™ and how it will affect their ROI. Over the coming months though, expect some major feature and reporting additions and overall experience improvements as we work with our partners to integrate fluidly into their suite of solutions.”

Sharingforce™ is a powerful web application that promotes Digital Word Of Mouth™ and helps to convert web traffic into high quality leads. Sharingforce™ provides an easy to use self-serve online application, robust analytics and reporting, and support for customized integration and solutions.
Sean Spector