Compression Pantyhose Retailer Support Sock Shop Promotes Newly Discounted Line of Jobst Support Socks

Retailer Support Sock Shop, which specializes in support and compression pantyhose to treat a variety of health conditions, is promoting discounts on its newly-enhanced range of Jobst socks products.

Brooklyn, NY, March 22, 2012 --( Support and compression pantyhose specialist Support Sock Shop – which can be found at – is presenting short-term discounts on its range of Jobst socks products. Including items for both men and women, the Jobst products available on the site encompass everything from sheer, compression Jobst stockings to lace-trimmed pantyhose. Jobst’s products are sold at several different pressure levels to help ameliorate the symptoms of a variety of health issues including diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and ankle swelling caused by pregnancy.

Jobst Socks, which was founded by German engineer Conrad Jobst in 1950 to treat his own health conditions, is currently recognized as the No. 1 physician-recommended manufacturer of compression pantyhose and support wear. Today, the brand produces a range of products; Jobst support socks and stockings made of natural fibers are designed for comfortable everyday wear, while the brand's compression pantyhose and socks, available in a range of different pressure levels, are prescribed to treat and ease the symptoms of particular maladies. Jobst Socks promotes its product line as one aspect of a healthy lifestyle, and encourages wearers of its products to incorporate daily wear into a lifestyle that also includes exercise and movement, as well as elevation of the legs to increase blood flow and improve vein health.

Support Sock Shop’s newly-enhanced collection of upwards of 125 unique Jobst socks reflects the manufacturer’s diverse array of product offerings. For women, Support Sock Shop offers options that are at once stylish and supportive, like the Ultra Sheer Thigh High with Silicone Lace Band. Available in six different neutral hues, the thigh-highs come at a light compression of 15-20 mmHg, which helps minimize leg swelling and discomfort. Designed with the office in mind, these Jobst compression pantyhose look professional and ease leg pain associated with sitting for long periods of time, and are now discounted to $48.21 from the list price of $60.26. Jobst’s products for women also come at greater levels of compression for customers who suffer from varicose veins, diabetes, and other health conditions, and maternity support Jobst stockings are also available.

For both men and women, Support Sock Shop is promoting its range of Jobst support socks designed for active wear, which are now available at special sale prices. The Jobst Socks Relief Knee-High Compression Support Sock, already discounted from the list price of $79.64 down to $63.72, is now being offered for a limited time at a further reduced price of $55.75. Featuring a silicone top band that ensures the socks stay in place all day, spandex yarn that is soft to the touch, and a reinforced heel to facilitate long-lasting wear and comfort for those who spend a good deal of time on their feet, the Relief Knee-High Compression Support Sock is available in both open and close-toed styles.

Also available at Support Sock Shop are Jobst’s products for swelling and vein pain in the arms and hands. Going beyond its famous lineup of compression pantyhose and socks, Jobst also specializes in upper-body products, like its Armsleeve with Silicone Band. Available in beige, the product is designed for patients with trauma following surgery, radiation therapy, or the effects of lymphedema. The armband is soft, easy to wash and can also be worn with the Ready-to-Wear Gauntlet, which provides gentle compression to the hand.

To learn more about Support Sock Shop’s wide range of discounted Jobst socks, find the company online at Orders can be made online or by calling 1-877-330-5900. Support Sock Shop is available on Facebook and Twitter at and
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