Aglow - New Book of Portraits of Redheaded Children is Released

Oana Hogrefe's new book of child portraits is now available - 80 children with red hair are beautifully showcased in this one-of-a-kind photographic work.

Atlanta, GA, March 22, 2012 --( "Aglow: Celebrating the Uncommon Beauty of Redheaded Children" - is a new book now available at online booksellers. This work is the creation of photographer Oana Hogrefe, and compiles portraits of 80 redheaded children photographed during a span of two years, in and around Atlanta.

The book is a unique work, suitable for both children and anyone who enjoys quality portraiture.

In the book's introduction, Oana writes: “A couple of years ago I envisioned a book of portraits of my dearest subjects: young children. At the same time, I found the look of redheaded children intriguing and delightful, and the subject largely unexplored. I resolved to put together a body of work which does justice to these unique young people, showing their incredible beauty and celebrating the light they bring to this world.”

Each image is accompanied by a one-line fun fact submitted by the parents, making reading this book a fun journey of discovery beyond the initial enjoyment of the images themselves. Children love to learn a little fun piece of information about each child shown in the book, and kids and grown-ups alike delight in the beauty of the portraits.

This book makes a great gift for the redhead in your life, for children of all ages, and for anyone who loves photography.

To purchase your copies, visit the official website for Aglow at, or find at online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About the author: Oana Hogrefe is the owner of Oana Hogrefe Photography, an Atlanta-based beloved portrait studio specializing in insightful images of babies, and children. Oana is also a mentor, speaker and instructor on a variety of topics regarding the art and business of photography.

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