Kids Have a Blast at Science Fair

Students with autism spectrum disorders at The HeartShare School hold their annual science fair.

Brooklyn, NY, March 23, 2012 --( Lots of schools have science fairs, so what is different about this one? Well, all the students in the fair attend The HeartShare School and have autism spectrum disorders.

For the third year, The HeartShare School’s science fair has highlighted many talents of the students in the school. Topics this year included: creating fossils with play doh, the effects of food colors on white carnations, how a seed grows, how fruit decomposes, the five senses, density of liquids, exploring planets, and more. All of the students in the school, ages 5 through 19, participated in the various projects.

Ariella, an 11-year-old student said, "I liked my science project called the Sink or Float Project. I was happy about it and my mom helped me to do it. I also liked my friend’s projects and it was fun. I can't wait for next year." Rokhaya, a 13-year- old student said, "This year was fun. I made an underwater volcano. Next year, I want to do something even more challenging.” "I had fun growing plants for my science project," said 8-year-old Sohaila.

“Each year the number of projects increases and the topics are more diverse,” said Sharon Toledo, Director of The HeartShare School. “All of the staff and parents are so proud of the students and all they accomplished this year.”

The HeartShare School, located in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, has 80 students and follows the New York City Common Core Curriculum. Students learn science, language arts, world history, geography, math, visual arts, and music. Students may also receive speech and language therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and art and music therapy if needed. Knowing physical activity is important for all children, The HeartShare School offers adapted physical education to the students.

Opened in 2007, The HeartShare School educates children with autism spectrum disorders. It is affiliated with HeartShare Human Services of New York, which has been serving the community since 1914. For more information, visit or follow on twitter @the_hs_school.
HeartShare Human Services of NY
Tricia Fleming