New Jersey Bullying Activist Speaks Out

James McLaughlin Raises His Voice to End Bullying and Help Victims with the Help of Driving Force Public Relations.

Flanders, NJ, March 23, 2012 --( James McLaughlin is taking action to raise awareness on bullying and ending the growing epidemic that are driving some to suicide. McLaughlin has had his locker spit on, seen his name alongside the word “faggot” on bathroom stalls, and even had a fake MySpace page made of him saying derogatory things.

“I was motivated to do something after the horrific recent gay suicides and realizing how many people face this problem everyday,” says McLaughlin. “If I can help one person through spreading the word, then all my effort and time was well spent.”

Through his “It Gets Better” videos, metaphorical pieces of writing, and one-on-one interviews, he strives to help those who are facing the same problems he did with being bullied. McLaughlin is a survivor of bullying, and has participated in Q&A sessions with those who share the same mission as him. His message has been spread through online features, print features, radio interviews, and an appearance in an MTV/Firecracker films documentary called “Bullied.”

McLaughlin hopes to continue in spreading awareness of bullying, and help the victims by sharing his story of triumph and how there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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