Global Logistics Development Partners Announces European Office

Trevor Shaw will lead GLDP's European and Middle East practice from a UK base. Working on airport, seaport and inland logistics hub development, GLDP creates business expansion plans supporting new infrastructure and regional economic development.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 23, 2012 --( Global Logistics Development Partners Announces Opening of European Office Led by Trevor Shaw.

Global Logistics Development Partners announced today that it is establishing an office presence in the UK that will focus on business in the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and the Middle East. Based in Leeds, GLDP’s European and Middle-East practice will be led by Trevor Shaw. Mr. Shaw joined GLDP in a key role as Project Finance and European Practice Leader. Expanding from its US base this new office, which will be fully operational by July, allows GLDP to serve public and private clients in the UK, throughout Europe and the Middle East and in North America in emerging and growing trade and logistics hubs.

Mr. Shaw has a background in regional investment strategy, project finance, public private partnerships, infrastructure and economic development. He has most recently been in the management role of Executive Director of Finance for UK Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward and has had experience in delivering project financial solutions for over 10 years. With the addition of Trevor Shaw, this enables GLDP to offer an even more comprehensive and very senior in-house expertise to its clients across a range of disciplines that are critical to defining global logistics-driven investment projects. Mr. Shaw said, “There is a tremendous business potential resulting from changing logistics patterns and evolving supply chains in the UK and the rest of Europe. I am very excited about GLDP’s capability to develop and deliver real-world value propositions in North America and Europe and the Middle East.”

Filling a market niche in the space at the center of economic development, global logistics, evolving supply chains and infrastructure, GLDP offers a unique set of services that help to define project investment opportunities for key infrastructure at emerging and growing logistics hubs in North America and Europe. GLDP delivers market-based investment solutions to public and private clients. Mr. Shaw is part of a corporate team that offers business solutions in: global logistics, supply chain management, economic development, project finance and infrastructure development. Founding Partner Adam Wasserman said, “Establishing the office led by Trevor Shaw provides GLDP a truly global platform. Trevor will join a very senior corporate team, giving us a truly unmatched capacity to deliver a real-world business product to public clients like economic development entities and port authorities and private clients such as investors, private logistics asset owners and property development interests.”

About Global Logistics Development Partners

Global Logistics Development Partners is a purpose-built international investment advisory firm that is focused to help develop business assets, economic development and strategic infrastructure in emerging and growing trade and logistics hubs. With a delivery-oriented team in North America and Europe and extensive business relationships in the logistics, investment and supply chain world, GLDP offers a unique blend of senior expertise who are expert in key disciplines required for today’s changing global trade and investment environment. GLDP works at and around seaport regions, at airports and at inland logistics hubs.

With senior hands-on practitioner expertise in global logistics, supply chain analytics, logistics-driven industrial development, railroad and motor carrier operations and strategy, port and terminal management and operations, economic development and project finance, GLDP is well-positioned to create value for public and private clients. GLDP derives strength from an international perspective which brings knowledge and hands-on experience from around the globe.

GLDP boasts a comprehensive range of products for airport and seaport authorities, economic development organizations, private investors and industrial companies to help unlock investment growth. GLDP is unique in that it offers far more than "third-party consulting" advice, in that it specializes in project delivery in terms of developing financing solution strategies from public and private sources. GLDP believes that the key to this for most will be the attraction of risk capital, public and private. GLDP has a series of close working relationships with key partners in the engineering, private equity, legal services and public-private partnerships areas.

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