West and Company Jewelers Introduce Forever 10 Diamonds to Rochester Area

West and Company Jewelers, the leading diamond engagement ring jeweler in the Rochester, NY area, announces the introduction of Forever 10 diamonds – the world’s most brilliant diamond – to their inventory.

Rochester, NY, March 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- West and Company Jewelers, a leading diamond engagement ring jeweler located in Webster, NY, today announced that they have begun providing Forever10 diamonds to the Rochester, NY area.

According to the company’s website, only a small percentage of all rough diamonds are suitable to cut into the unmistakable 10 hearts and 10 arrows of Forever 10. Each of these extremely rare diamonds is hand crafted by one of only 50 master artisans in the world. The meticulous cutting process ensures that under any lighting condition, the superior brilliance of the Forever 10 is instantly recognizable.

“Even though we are primarily a custom design jeweler,” says Dave Nytch, master jeweler and owner of West and Company, “having a relationship with such an exquisite diamond vendor, such as Forever 10, helps to provide the best possible diamonds to our clients.”

In the past it was thought that Color, Clarity and Carat weight were the most significant quality factors in a diamond. Today, the Cut of a diamond is considered an even more important as it has the greatest impact on light performance. The Forever 10 cutting process allows for greater precision, and the additional facet sequences result in a brilliance that surpasses a traditionally cut diamond. Forever 10's website states, "With 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows the Forever 10 takes its place as the world’s most brilliant diamond."

Nytch added, “The brilliance of these diamonds is unrivaled. You really do need to see them to believe how amazing they are.”

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