Ford Professor of Engineering Emeritus is Receiving Rave Reviews for His Father’s Biography, Honest Sid

Author, Ronald Probstein is pleased to announce that his memoir, Honest Sid, chronicling his father’s life is receiving rave reviews.

Brookline, MA, March 24, 2012 --( “Probstein (Ford Professor of Engineering, Emeritus/MIT) offers a delightful life story of his father, Honest Sid, 'a gambler, a horseplayer, a bookie… a ticket scalper' and an all-around nice guy…. With humor, a rich eye for detail and a storyteller’s knack, the author brings to life a time and place now long gone. Probstein is clearly having a good time here—the reader will as well.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The attractive cover image of the first scene of Damon Runyon's Guys and Dolls captures the reader's attention immediately and sets the historical tone of the book. As reinforcement, each aptly titled chapter begins with a quote from the lyrics of a popular song of the times. These excerpts then provide the themes for Probstein's recollections of his family's occasional fortunes but more frequent misadventures.” – Foreword Clarion Review

About the book:
"If you're going to live outside the law, you'd better be honest." This seeming paradox was the operating principle of Sid Probstein's life. Guileless and endlessly optimistic, he was known as Honest Sid around his stomping ground of New York's Broadway. Sid wasn't a tough guy, or even a bad guy. He just never had the patience for the "straight" life, grinding out a living at some monotonous desk job. He was the quintessential American dreamer, always sure that the good life was just one big score away, a man who never stopped believing in his own good luck, even when the evidence said otherwise. He had all the tools, he was charming, good- looking, quick- witted and decent, but he had an obsession he couldn't escape. Honest Sid is the story of an American archetype as seen through the eyes of his son, Ronald, who loved him, and who almost lost him. It follows Sid's adventures in the world of bookies and bettors, fighters and fixers, players and suckers set against the often- romanticized backdrop of Depression- era New York. It is also the passionate tale of the great and tempestuous love between Sid and his wife Sally, and of his son Ronald whom he idolized.

Book Information:
Honest Sid: Memoir of a Gambling Man
Author: Ronald Probstein
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1440141874 (sc)
978-1440141881 (hc)
978-1440141898 (ebook)
Pages: 205
Published: September 2009

About The Author
Ronald Probstein made it out of the Broadway street scene early in life. An eminent scientist, he is now Ford Professor of Engineering, Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of ten critically acclaimed professional books. He is listed in "Who's Who in the World" and "Who's Who in America." He currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with his wife, Irène.

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