BluePrint Data Celebrates One Year of Its Zero False Positive Internet Filter Guarantee

Users of BluePrint Data’s Web site / URL Content Filtering are guaranteed their users will not be blocked access to a URL due to it being wrongly categorized.

Jacksonville, FL, March 24, 2012 --( OEM Internet Filtering BluePrint Data, the leader in high quality OEM internet content filtering solutions is celebrating the one year anniversary of its Zero False Positive Internet Content Filtering and Zero False Positive Guarantee program. Users of BluePrint Data’s Web site / URL Content Filtering are guaranteed their users will not be blocked access to a URL due to it being wrongly categorized.

BluePrint Data’s "Zero False Positive Guarantee" program will credit new customers, who sign up under this program through April 30 2012, $500 for each separate occurrence where the customer's end user is disallowed access to a website because BluePrint Data has incorrectly categorized it[1]. Blocking a Web site / URL that should be allowed can disrupt business operations and negatively impact productivity.

A false positive is when a web site or URL is improperly categorized. BluePrint Data encourages potential customers to evaluate vendors and suppliers based on their false positive rate. BluePrint Data is the only company to complete 100% of web site reviews with a minimum of two human reviewers categorizing each web site. Providers of Internet Security products and services that include or OEM Web content filtering (i.e. URL Filtering) have higher false positive rates than BluePrint Data due to their reliance on automated content categorization methods and procedures.

The BluePrint Data review system consists of web site reviews that are independently categorized by multiple reviewers to ensure the categories match prior to the information being added to the master URL Review database. For example reviewer A receives the URL and categorizes it as “Nudity”, independently reviewer B receives the same URL and reviews it as “Nudity” so the URL is added to the master URL Review database. If, for example, reviewer B categorized the URL content as “Intimate Apparel / Swimsuits,” the URL is then independently provided for a third categorization review by reviewer C.

“BluePrint Data’s Zero False Positive Internet Filtering Guarantee is just one additional way we prove our value to our existing and potential customers,” said Bob Dahlstrom BluePrint Data’s CEO. “By completing the most accurate web site / URL categorizations possible, and standing behind our quality with our Zero False Positive Guarantee, BluePrint Data proves again we offer the best quality OEM internet filter product and service available.”

About BluePrint Data.
BluePrint Data OEMs its URL / Web site content filters, technology, and security products and services to Internet Security vendors such as Unified Threat Management (UTM), Managed Service Providers (MSP), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers as well as providing private label / OEM services to Value Added Resellers (VARs), Information Technology Providers, Anti Virus and Anti Spam service providers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and telecom, carriers, and ISPs and other companies. BluePrint Data has the world’s largest 100% human reviewed URL Filter Database that is combined with tools and services to provide easy integration of the BluePrint Data OEM URL Filter database.

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[1] Up to a maximum credit of $5,000 subject to terms and conditions. For full information please contact BluePrint Data sales.
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