Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial Refurbish Their Facilities to Provide Highest Quality Health Care to Persons with Dementia Disorders

Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial announces revamping and refurbishing the facilities and services at the three homes in Centennial for residents suffering from dementia related disorders.

Highlands Ranch, CO, March 25, 2012 --( Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial announce that they are revamping and refurbishing their three facilities at Centennial, namely Elizabeth House, Steele House, and Irwin House, to enhance the quality of health care services offered to their residents afflicted with dementia related disorders. Each home houses only eight residents so that individual and personalized attention is provided to each resident. Steps have been taken for full compliance with and city and state licensing and codes for zoning and fire safety. All the assisted living homes Centennial have been designed for higher values than regular homes. These facilities are licensed by the Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado and the officials of the Department regularly inspect the facilities and safety norms of the homes for highest level of care to elders.

Staff Selection and Training at Assisted Living Homes Centennial

All the staff members and senior care givers of Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial and other centers undergo a thorough background check before being hired. Extra efforts had been initiated to find and appoint the best senior health care givers who understand the basic needs of the residents and also love their work. Special training is given to the staff and care givers to treat with utmost respect and dignity all the seniors suffering from various dementia related disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, memory loss, etc.

Benefits of Small Group Settings in Assisted Living Homes Centennial

The small group settings in all the Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes Centennial ensure non-institutional, informal, less intimidating atmosphere and environments for the residents. The high staff to residents’ ratio enables the homes to offer one-on-one attention. Monitoring and supervision of the residents becomes that much easier in small group settings, which is not easy to achieve in large environments. Liz Littleton, RN Administrator of Lighthouse Assisted Living comments, “My house call trips with my father, a physician, made me think why people afflicted by dementia disorders should not live in small home-like atmosphere. I felt that such homes quartering limited number of residents will lead to higher love and attention bestowed on them. Hence, I embarked on the Lighthouse Assisted Living Homes venture. The same concept enabled me to revamp the facilities and features at all the three Centennial Assisted Living Homes and to refurbish the services to strive for even higher quality senior health care.”



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