Connect to the Cloud: Using Thingspeak and the dWiFi with the NXT

Dexter Industries dWiFi Sensor Helps the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT to Join the Cloud

Stafford, VA, March 25, 2012 --( Using the Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor and Thingspeak with the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, users can now join the web community of the "Internet of Things," and allow the NXT to join the future of computing: the Cloud. Thingspeak is an open web-based application which allows users to connect with devices via the Internet. Using Thingspeak and the WiFi Sensor, users can expand the memory and computing capacity of the MINDSTORMS NXT, by providing access to web-based data storage and complex calculations.

The Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor allows LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT users to upload data to websites such as Thingspeak. Thingspeak allows users to monitor energy usage remotely, connect electronic devices to the Internet and vice versa, as well as interfacing with social networking sites. This is a truly revolutionary way to use to LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT - all made possible by the Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor.

By using RobotC code from Dexter Industries Blog to wirelessly connect to the Cloud, through websites such as Thingspeak, the opportunities are endless! These are not the only applications with the Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor, RobotC Code, and Thingspeak. Dexter Industries’ blog invites users to share additional ideas. With the Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor turn any NXT creation into a member of the “Internet of Things.”

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