Power Publisher’s New Release - Skulligo and the Search for Skus by Arun Singh J: The World of Dreams

A software engineer by profession, Arun J Singh enjoys creating fictional characters in mind and develops a beautiful storyline around it. In his latest book, Skulligo and the search for Skus, he presents the adventures of two teenagers who went missing from their home one day.

Kolkata, India, March 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A graduate in engineering from Anna University in Chennai, Arun has been employed with one of the most prestigious software firms of India HCL. But his flair for writing and passion for creating fictional characters has made him write many interesting short stories.

Like any techie he enjoys riding bikes, creating blogs and playing games, but yet somewhere in his heart he has this strong passion for writing. He creates interesting characters based on his imagination and presents them artistically through impressive story lines. The mysterious characters, the interesting places and attractive elements which we all treasure a desire for, in one corner of our hearts are basic ingredients of his writing, which he spices up with an interesting story which keeps the readers spell bound till the end. In his latest book he presents before the readers a story of two teenagers named Jenni and Eve who reside in two different locations. Both of them have one thing in common; they are both haunted by their dreams. Suffering with this agony one day both of them disappear from their homes. Lost in their dreams they end up reaching a planet full of magical wonders called Skepi. Skepi is a wonderful planet full of only islands. One amongst such island is called Skubble, the inhabitants of this island are called Skullities. Skullities are individuals with giant physique like man-eaters and have fierce looks like goblins. Jenni and Eve lost in their dreams reach Skubble. The story takes an interesting turn when they both meet a knight who resides in Skubble. They work together only to open up some hidden mysteries and on the way the deep buried truths started coming up. Together they help the Skullities to get out of their curse and get back to the normal looks of humans.

The correct use of humor and the mystery behind the fierce looks of the skullities keep the interest of the readers in the book alive till the end. Impressive imaginary characters, strong fictional background presented with a spicy and juicy storyline has been the strength of Arun. He has utilized these specialties in his latest work as well, to ensure that the readers forget all their worries and get lost in the magical world for a while.

Book: - Skulligo and the search for Skus

- Author :- Arun Singh J
- ISBN :- 978-93-81205-81-5
- Price :- Rs 225
- Official website: - www.arun-singh-j.in
- Publishing Date: 2012
- Publisher: Power Publishers
- Language: English
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