Indie Rock Band Mouse Kills Tiger Covers a Tears for Fears Classic

Indie Rock band Mouse Kills Tiger offers a free download of the classic "Everybody Wants To Rule The World."

New York, NY, March 26, 2012 --( The young and ambitious indie rock band Mouse Kills Tiger offers a free download of their single, "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," as a gift of what’s to come from this amazing group of LA based musicians.

Mouse Kills Tiger is made up of Justin Deming (Guitar/effects), Miles Senzaki (Drums/effects), Patrick Taylor (Bass) and Jens Kuross (Keys/vocals), all of who have shining moments on this recording, making the 80's hit a very modern classic.

MKT's rendition offers a more than groovy, chilled out interpretation that has legs of its own. "Many aspects of the original are immediately recognizable. We figured that even if we took a lot of latitude as a band and more or less reinvented the song as our own, those elements would still hold their own and kind of ground the arrangement. We weren't shy about really focusing the song through our own unique lens," said lead singer Jens Kuross.

The New Wave band Tears For Fears penned the 1985 hit that topped charts for weeks in both the US and Europe. "This song was a soundtrack to our childhood and we wanted to pay homage to one of the great songwriters to come out of that era," said drummer Miles Senzaki.

By teaming up with New York based music services company, Mechanism, they have extended their reach globally. The band plans to gain greater visibility by utilizing the company's technology and tools, along with social savvy. The song can only be downloaded in exchange for “tweets” and “likes,” giving listeners the opportunity to discover the new comers without risk of anything but social sharing. This is a win-win for the new band looking for greater exposure in a crowded digital market.

Mouse Kills Tiger plans to release their full EP May 14th through Amplifi Digital, Mechanism's new distribution platform due spring of 2012. With world rule fresh in their eyes, they are sure to be a cult fan favorite.

You can check out Mouse Kills Tiger at:
Mechanism Creative Corp
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