New Crowdfunding Website Gives Away Stock

A new crowdfunding website dedicated to helping the terminally ill is giving away its stock to the first 10,000 subscribers.

Cheyenne, WY, March 26, 2012 --( To prove the effectiveness of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing,, a website dedicated to helping the terminally ill, is giving away a significant portion of its equity IF site visitors can reach 10,000 registrants within 30 days.

"It's a test of the power of crowdsourcing," says Robert Dobyns, founder & CEO of Conzortia Business Funding, Inc., the website's owner. "We are confident that we will easily reach this goal."

What if does reach its signup goal? Conzortia Business Funding, Inc. is going to split a 20% stake in the website among the 10,000 registrants.

"This could amount to a significant investment, at no cost to the signers. Imagine owning part of a 20% stake in the next Google or Facebook for free. This has real potential for those who are helping us by participating in this experiment," Dobyns stated.

The registration website for those desiring to participate in the stock giveaway is

Those desiring to help the terminally ill fulfill their final wishes may visit
Conzortia Business Funding, Inc.
Robert Dobyns