The Fresh New Block Puzzle Challenge Polybox is Now Available for Android

Oxide Software are very proud to announce the release of Polybox for Android. Inspired by Tetris, Polybox is a fresh new challenge with those familiar shapes.

London, United Kingdom, March 28, 2012 --( Oxide Software has released its first Android title to the market titled Polybox.

It is a modernisation of their previously release title for PC now tailored for mobile phones. It takes the premiss of Tetris and moves it a stage further by extending the movement to not just left and right but in all four directions. The goal of the game is to complete squares and this adds a unique dimension to the shape-based puzzle.

Players have found that they indeed must stop thinking like they did when playing Tetris and develop new techniques and strategies to get higher scores. The game is a refreshing return to classic game-play bringing a new challenge to what can be a very repetitive games market.

Surprisingly, the classic game mode has been given away for free to attract interest and doesn't have adverts diverting the player from the game. The full version is available on Google Play.
Oxide Software
Chris Bell