The Unethical Industry of Online Marketing and How Qudeso Seeks to Make a Difference

This release sheds some light on an industry filled with spammers and highlights one company that is doing business the right way.

Raleigh, NC, March 27, 2012 --( It’s no secret that online marketing, especially web design and search engine optimization (SEO), can be one of the most unethical industries around. This is especially true when considering small businesses that cannot afford to hire full time employees with the necessary and specialized expertise for such services. The online marketing industry is flooded with both domestic and international firms offering low cost – low result options to businesses desperately in need for more customers.

The number one reason for the unethical methods is a lack of knowledge of best practices involved with branding one’s business. Many small businesses do not understand how things work in today’s ever changing online world. As such, these overnight web marketing chop shops advertise $599 web designs and overnight promises of a #1 page ranking on search engines through their SEO black hat methods in an attempt to abuse the trust of the small business owners.

Qudeso, however, was formed by four individuals looking to make a difference in the online marketing world. With over 65 years of sales and marketing experience amongst the four founders, they have approached the market place with a strategy to grow their business primarily through the reference and endorsement of others. Founded in June of 2010 during one of the worst economic environments this country has seen, they set out to prove their primary strategy of referral based growth while remaining organically funded. They do implement a balance of both offline and online marketing for themselves but felt that having others tell their story for them was the most efficient approach.

“We don’t offer any 'out of the box' solutions because we don’t believe there is a one size fits all strategy for everyone.” says Qudeso’s Co-founder Chris Hearn. “Every business is different, and their online AND offline marketing tools should be customized to them and what they are trying to accomplish.”

Approaching their two year anniversary this year, Qudeso has confirmed their methods of growth and are now a profitable self-sustaining business. Too often businesses are searching for fast and cheap online marketing solutions, when what they really need are honest suggestions and real results. Qudeso attributes their success for their customers to one thing; they listen to their needs.

“Often times, we find that customers have an idea of what they want, but their expectations may be unrealistic. This industry has been tainted by companies looking to make a quick buck by over promising and under delivering. We want to do just the opposite,” says Randall Graham, Marketing Strategist for Qudeso.

Qudeso has managed to transform clients into customers by viewing each relationship with their customer as a true partnership. What the world needs less of, is another marketing firm. What we need more of are organizations like Qudeso that approach business the right way.
Qudeso, Inc.
Randall Graham