New Online Outlet Makes Classified Ad Success Simple

Los Angeles, CA, March 27, 2012 --( AdRaver.Com has launched a new service which takes a familiar idea and improves it so that users will realize successful sales and promotion faster.

Just as print classified advertising was a strongly relied on means to sell and promote in an economical way, the online generation of this idea has quickly replaced print options. As Internet user growth has exploded by triple digit percentage in the past decade and more than three quarters of the American population rely on the Internet on a regular basis, online classified ads have become the efficient way for people to sell, shop and recruit.

AdRaver.Com has created a system which at first looks familiar but offers users a greater opportunity than existing online outlets. People can post ads in dozens of categories to sell, seek employees, offer professional services, connect with their community, promote upcoming events and much more. All ads can be targeted to specific states and regions within those states.

But AdRaver.Com doesn’t stop there.

All classified ads posted to any AdRaver.Com category are 100% free. Users don’t need to register. They won’t have to remember usernames or passwords. AdRaver.Com is one of the most user-friendly online classified ad systems available. People of all ages and Internet experience will feel comfortable using AdRaver.Com.

Even with that, the creator of AdRaver.Com saw more that needed to be done different and better. Every ad that’s posted to AdRaver.Com is also automatically submitted to the major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Ads are associated with optimized URL’s for optimum search engine cooperation and result performance.

AdRaver.Com also feeds all ads posted within the For Sale, Services, Employment and Real Estate categories via RSS to the AdRaver.Com Twitter page with a link that takes Followers to the original ad.

The AdRaver.Com system of online classified ads offers users the most wide reaching result producing means. The Internet is a limitless opportunity for individuals and businesses. AdRaver.Com removes the limits other online classified ad programs force users to follow.

As the second quarter of 2012 approaches, it’s the opportune time for online sellers and marketers. Even as economic times took a downturn this time last year, e-commerce sales still rose by five percent to $27 billion.

AdRaver.Com offers sellers, buyers, shoppers, employers, seekers, renters, individuals and especially new businesses an easy opportunity to connect with results. AdRaver.Com’s easy to navigate, simple to use system of online ad posting will serve as a valuable tool for anyone who has launched a new venture but had to start with a limited budget.

There were always two options people considered when solution had to connect with need. You could either go to the need or wait for the need to come to you. AdRaver.Com offers a truly effective multi-faceted commercial communication system that connects for success.

(For more information about AdRaver.Com, visit www.AdRaver.Com. For additional comments or to arrange an interview with AdRaver.Com’s Donovan A. McCloud, call 323-448-0404 or email
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