The Trayvon Martin Tragedy Goes International as African Star KukuAFRICANSTAR Prepares to Release a Song in His Honor

“Trayvon Martin (Where is the Justice?)” to be released on April 4, 2012 and will be made available as a free digital download in tribute to the slain teen.

Oklahoma City, OK, March 28, 2012 --( As the tragic loss of slain African American teen Trayvon Martin storms America, it has begun to reach an international level. African star KukuAFRICANSTAR, who has been donned the “African Shaggy,” announced today that he has been in the studio preparing a special song to pay respect to Martin and his family. The star has been in the studio putting in a lot of time to make sure “Trayvon Martin (Where is the Justice?)” conveys his heartfelt emotions and inspires change.

“It breaks my heart to know stories like this are still happening in America,” said KukuAFRICANSTAR. Being from the African Igbo tribe which has been said to be the origins of many African American’s, he feels obligated to show support in Martins honor. “I want blacks in America to hear the Igbo language and have the opportunity to taste their roots. This song is meant to bring on change and raise awareness among both blacks and whites alike,” he explained. The star went on to say, “It is time for the human race to join together and stop letting complexion, nationality or religion cause so much hate.”

“Trayvon Martin (Where is the Justice?)” is not for profit and will be released as a free digital download on April 4, 2012. KukuAFRICANSTAR is a humanitarian and occasionally visits orphanages around Africa to spend time with the motherless children. He is known for trying to bring on change whether it is in his native country or anywhere else in the world.
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