Thunderbull Entertainment Launches The Death Zone

Thunderbull Entertainment Launches The Death Zone - a New Game Available Now

Wroclaw, Poland, March 28, 2012 --( Thunderbull Entertainment is a developer of innovative and great games primarily designed for iPhone and iPad. Their team consists of well-qualified, young and creative people who ensure that every Thunderbull game is eye-catching and provides everyone with a lot of fun.

Thunderbull Entertainment has recently released a new game The Death Zone - compatible with iPad, available to download on iTunes. The game is full of action and fighting - and will definitely not bore the most demanding gamers. The Death Zone allows the player to choose between a number of cool features including multiple types of enemies, developing their own character or comparing scores with other game mates.

The Death Zone Features
•Mow down, shoot, explode and cook your enemies with 10 different upgradeable weapons
•player able to develop their character
•availability of multiple types of enemies
•Use one of 3 support bots
•Experience the story of the last Aztec through campaign mode
•Added OpenFeint support: collect the achievements and show your friends who's the best zombie eradicator.

The game is based on a rich and intriguing background story associated with zombie - apocalyptic world. It absorbs the players as well as brings out the competitiveness out of them. The introductory storyline for the game:

Gold value plummets. Wars and riots start all around the world. In an attempt to stabilize the situation, USA chose to enlarge their gold reserves by any means possible. Someone thought up the brilliant idea to use the gold found in the Aztec ruins.

Little did they know, it was cursed.

A great plague erupted in a small coastal city, the dead rising to serve some evil being. After many unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate the city, they have hired you, the last descendant of the Aztecs, to go in there and deal with whatever lurked inside.
Thunderbull Entertainment
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