New Collection of Amber Rain Earrings at Gembid

Online jewellery shop Gembid presents its new collection of Amber earrings. So called Amber Rain collection include six pairs of earrings made of amber and other materials, such as pearl, coral and turquoise.

London, United Kingdom, March 28, 2012 --( An online watch and jewellery shop, Gembid, presents a new collection of amber earrings. The spring inspired collection includes six pairs of earrings designed for those loving elegance and vivid colours.

Amber is a natural material, a fossilized tree resin. It has been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since the Neolithic times. Since the ancient times amber was used for the manufacture of jewellery and art items. Baltic amber was also used for medicinal purposes as a protection against different diseases.

The splendour, elegance and healing properties of amber make it a perfect piece of jewellery for every woman.

Each pair of these handmade earrings from the new collection has its own appeal.

A mixture of amber and turquoise makes a perfect gift for those born in December. As adopted by the American National Association of Jewellers in 1912, turquoise is the birthstone of this winter month. It is also the Planet stone for Aquarius, Taurus and Sagittarius. Turquoise is a symbol of friendship therefore these amber and turquoise rain earrings given as a present to your friends can be a perfect proof of your friendship.

In this new collection there is also something for those searching for eternal classic. Rain earrings with a combination of amber and pearl will not leave you indifferent. A contrast blend of brown and white colours will suit a light as well as a dark outfit.

A combination of amber and coral is a choice for those who love the nature and the vastness of the ocean. A piece of the past and a tiny part of the ocean will be next to you every time wearing earrings of dark red shades.

There are three pairs of sheer amber earrings in the new collection. Customers can choose from yellow, green and brown colours of amber.

Amber rain earrings and many other unique jewellery designs can be found at online jewellery shop
Vitalija Ba