New Map of the Brain by 24 DNA Will Aid Discoveries of Treatments of Any Mental Disorder

“This new map of the Brain will aid in discovering treatments of any mental disorder from Parkinson, Depression, and Alzheimer, to name a few. But, also solved the many brain mysteries puzzling the scientific communities for centuries,” says 24 DNA Chairman Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Los Angeles, CA, March 28, 2012 --( 24 DNA, a privately held company in Garden Grove, claims to have a new map of the Brain. Their discoveries will be fully disclosed in their soon to be released book, "The New Brain Science – The Scientific Differences Between The Man’s and Woman’s Brain."

Mr. Afamasaga said, “We have mapped out the Brain with its inner workings, how to best treat brain-related disorders and settled the Mind-Brain debate that has been going on for more than 200 years. In fact under Dualism, Philosophy of the Mind noted Plato and Socrates in the classical age of Greece and Descartes before the Age of Enlightenment in Europe promoted and accepted the duality of Mind and Brain concept. We have up-to-date science and technology to settle this debate once and for all. You can download a free 11x17 pdf file brochure at, which highlights our major discoveries of mapping the Mind-Brain. This information is worth over $500 million, looking at what Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen has invested at the Allen Institute for Brain Science to accomplish what we have already achieved.”

Nobel Prize recipient Francis Crick, in an article that he wrote entitled ‘Consciousness – Not A Thing But A Process’ published in the book, “Mapping The Mind” by Rita Carter said that "the explanation of consciousness is one of the major problems of modern science. We, at 24 DNA have solved this problem by identifying where to observe these activities. We tell you where consciousness begins and ends, where super consciousness begins and ends, where subconscious begins and ends, and where unconsciousness begins and ends. We tell you the location of each neurotransmitter responsible for specific mental disorders but more so, which diseases you are predisposed to based on your master Mind-Brain DNA sequence out of 24 DNAs," says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “Here is the deal, the proof is always in the pudding. For any neuroscientist or anyone working in the Brain Science field, download the brochure, as it will quantum leap whatever you are doing. The reason why treatments, cures for all mental disorders are not found is because the current Brain Map is incomplete and inaccurate. The new Brain Map and Science is that you as a Whole Being is a thinking organism or entity made of 2 major brains – The Mind made of the following sub-brains; Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital and Body made of the following sub-brains; Limbic Brain which includes the Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Hippocampus, Amygdala, the Midbrain, the Brainstem; Cerebellum; Spinal Code, and Body. The Mind and Body compliments each other.”
24 DNA
Maota Afamasaga