Unit Audio Announces Their New Flagship, the Unit 16 X 2 Passive Summing Mixer

Unit Audio is pleased to announce it’s flagship Unit 16 x 2 passive summing mixer. The Unit joins the popular Milli-Unit and the Micro-Unit PSMs to give recording professionals and enthusiasts even more configurations to choose from. Like all Unit Audio PSMs, it is completely hand assembled, tested, and wired point to point in Nashville, TN using only the highest quality components.

Nashville, TN, March 28, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Unit Audio PSMs add back the sparkle and punch of analog recording that is so often missing in a purely “in the box” mix. With prices starting at $149.00 plus shipping, Unit Audio’s PSMs put passive summing technology within the reach of average home or project studio owners. Easy setup makes these mixers the perfect companion to a Digital Audio Workstation.

“Is analog summing going to make your recordings sound like a Nashville studio with a billion dollars worth of equipment?” says Unit Audio’s Design Engineer Terry, “Probably not, but you will notice a difference in your mixes using a Unit Audio summing mixer.”

On the subject of summing, Terry has this to say, “Loosely quoting Shakespeare one might say ‘To analog sum or not to analog sum?’ This has been a point of controversy with digital recording for quite some time. With modern DAW software, mixing within the computer has resulted in some great sounding recordings, but I have long been intrigued by the concept of analog summing. I was not prepared to pay $800.00 or more to test that theory, so I engineered and built my own. Then to test the theory, I set out to see if there was any difference in the mixed sound. Much to my amazement and pleasure, I did notice a subtle but very pleasing difference in the stereo separation and placement of the instruments compared to my In the Box mixes. ”

About Unit Audio
Unit Audio manufactures a line of passive summing mixers as well as the “Baffle-Unit” line of space tuning acoustic panels for the home and project studio customer.

Contact: Unit Audio Marketing, 612-578-5429 marketing@unitaudio.com
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