Vintage Cellars Unveils New Wine Guardian Line of Cooling Systems

Austin, TX, March 28, 2012 --( Vintage Cellars, a business that offers an extensive supply of wine storage equipment, knows the importance of optimum temperature. Their knowledge of properly aging wine extends to chemistry, oxygen levels, humidity, and the significance of storing wine in a cool, damp place that is shielded from light. Wine experts have determined that a stable temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of around 70% is ideal for controlling the subtle reactions of fine and aging wine.

Armed with this knowledge, Vintage Cellars offers a wide array of cooling systems designed to keep wine in its richest state. Its newest line is the Wine Guardian series of deductible split systems. A split system is a type of cooling unit that contains two main components that allow for the most energy-efficient cooling system possible. The first component is an evaporator coil, which circulates the air and controls humidity. The second component includes a compressor, condensing fan, and coil, which allows for optimum ventilation.

The Wine Guardian split system products, which range from ¼ ton to two tons, are designed to accommodate any residential or commercial wine cellar. They contain the standard features of traditional split systems, including the deductible evaporator, fan coil unit, and condensing unit. However, they also contain a remote a remote user interface controller on top of the evaporator.

The system operates in ambient temperatures ranging from 0 degrees F to 118 degrees F (-18 deg. C to 43 deg. C) and is constructed from commercial grade, corrosion-resistant components and an all-aluminum frame for durability. It is also certified by ETL to UL and CSA standards for safety and performance.

These cooling units are designed to help novices and experts alike create an ideal environment for aging wine. For more information about cooling systems and other wine storage units, visit
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