Accountants for Social Good (ASG) Passes 100K in Total Loan Amounts and 100 Members in Same Week

San Francisco, CA, March 28, 2012 --( Created less than a year ago, Accountants for Social Good has come a long way from its humble roots of only 2 members. The team has consistently seen growth in membership and the amount of social good they are creating for entrepreneurs worldwide through their loans. Every month, Accountants for Social Good, has consistently ranked in the top 5 of the business category for total amount lent on, and March is also no exception (ASG currently ranks 2nd). This March, however, also marks two major milestones for Accountants for Social Good. The team has now gained over 100 members, and together these members have lent over $100,000 to developing world entrepreneurs. ASG also just reached 6th place for the All Time amount loaned through Kiva in the business category, surpassing major conglomerate Microsoft.

“Although it is amazing and very exciting to see Accountants for Social Good grow so much in less than a year and achieve all these amazing milestones, we have not forgotten our original goals,” said Mindy Tran, Chief Loan Analyst. “The very bottom line is that we still just want to educate people about microfinance, and through social lending make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs who want to help themselves. Reaching 100 members and lending over $100,000 is only the first step. We hope to see even more growth, and more accountants, CPAs, financial professionals, as well as anyone who agrees with our vision to join the team, lend and help make a difference.”

Accountants for Social Good is a group set on focusing on zero-interest loans through social lending site Kiva. They achieve this by utilizing nonprofit microfinance institutions that allow them to make microloans to entrepreneurs in need worldwide. These microloans allow entrepreneurs access to capital that they may otherwise not have to start-up, sustain, and expand their businesses.

Currently this month Kiva LLC, (, Accountants for Social Good’s primary nonprofit microfinance institution) is offering free trials, allowing new members to make a $25 loan to any entrepreneur of their choice, at absolutely no cost. Just go to this link, accept the invitation, and make a loan for free. Please also visit if you would like to join the team and get involved in this great cause.
Accountants for Social Good
Mindy Tran