Gstarsoft Offers Software Donation to CODEVI for House Reconstruction

Beijing, China, March 28, 2012 --( Gstarsoft offered software donation to CODEVI, a non-profit organization in the design of housing reconstruction for the poorest population in Medellin (Colombia), aiming at making the work of non-profit and community organization easier.

Founded in 1980, CODEVI-Corporación de Desarrollo, Educación y Vivienda (Development, Education and Housing Corporation) is a non-profit private organization in Medellín, Colombia with legal status granted by the government of Antioquia on July 11, 1980 through Resolution No. 26678. Its main purpose is to provide opportunities for families of economic strata 1 and 2 to improve their homes with technical quality and economy. Through participatory processes that constitute formative life experiences at personal, familiar and communitarian level, CODEVI helps to reinforce the values ​​of human dignity, solidarity, social life and citizenship.

In order to help poor families improve their living conditions, CODEVI needs powerful software with an affordable price to design comfortable houses. Then GstarCAD, the good software came into their view as an ideal choice for them.

Francisco Montoya, the relevant person in charge says, “I made a search on Internet for ‘CAD software Colombia’ and the first result with good comments was ‘GstarCAD’. I downloaded the trial version and tested it, finding it faster than other similar software. Besides, it’s compatible with AutoCAD (the CAD software we are familiarized with). What’s more, it really has a rational price! I will definitely recommend GstarCAD to other organizations.”

“We found the right product and made an enquiry for GstarCAD standard version. Actually, we are not sure if Gstarsoft offers special price or donation for non-profit organization like us. Much to our joy, they donated their software to us! Their effective compassion towards people who live so far away from China raises our hopes of better life conditions. We much appreciate their kindness,” Francisco Montoya adds.

As a leading 2D/3D CAD software provider, Gstarsoft is always devoted to develop better products for users worldwide and make people’s life easier and more comfortable. Peter Pan, the vice president of Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd says, “What they’ve done in helping poor families touched us. We hope that the life of Colombian will have a bit of improvement through our slender force.”

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