“24 DNA-2 Blood Types” Invention That Determines Your Disease Predispositions, Genetic Gender, DNA, 2 Blood Types, and Much More is on Sale

“There are over 6 billion people on this planet that need this affordable, less than $20.00; simple; anyone can do it; and such convenience; can be done at home, technology to enhance their lives,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

San Diego, CA, March 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- 24 DNA, a privately held company in Garden Grove, was issued a Provisional Patent by USPTO on their “DNA – 2 Blood Types” technology which determines a person’s 2 Blood Types, Rh Factors, Secretor, Non-Secretor, both Secretor: Non-Secretor status, and master DNA to name a few. They are selling this mind boggling technology, and you can access a free pdf brochure entitled, “24 DNA – 2 Blood Type Kit” at 24dna.com which highlights how this technology works.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “The current Blood Type, Blood Transfusion, and Blood Science are based on an outdated science of the ‘1 Blood Type’ discovered by Dr. Landsteiner back in 1901 and 1939 which identified four Blood Types as A, B, O and AB as noted in the Redcrossblood.org website. Our new invention and technology upgrades the current science to ‘2 Blood Types’ which was further confirmed by new discoveries by researchers at the University of Vermont who identified two new blood types called Langeries and Junior as described in the February 2012 issue of Nature Genetics. According to the Nature Genetics article, aside from having either a Blood Type A, Rh positive or Rh Negative, you also have a second Blood Type of either Rh Positive or Rh Negative Junior or Langeries and not many people know this. University of Vermont biologist Bryan Ballif, in the Nature Genetics article says, ‘Yet this knowledge could be a matter of life and death.’"

”Then how do Blood Types relate to DNA? Matt Ridley, in his book entitled 'Genome,' cited numerous discoveries by such scientists as F. Yamomoto, H. Clausen, T. White, S. Marken, and S. Hakomori who discovered that those with DNA sequence C, G,C, G are Blood Type A, and those with G, A, A, C are Blood Type B. The first letter in each sequence is the dominant letter and represents the Blood Type. Blood Type O is a DNA letter A. From research work by Y. M. Dennis Lo, P. Patel, J. S. Wainscoat, M. Sampietro, G.M.G. Gillmer, K.A Fleming entitled 'Prenatal sex determination by DNA amplification from maternal peripheral blood' published in the Lancet 1989 about Fetal DNA, and by Marion E. Reid as published in the Blood Bulletin, Volume 10, April 2008, they were able to demonstrate that Antigen D and DNA T are of the same phenomena in this invention. The conclusion from the above discoveries are the four Blood Types of A, B, O (AB) and D parallel DNA C, G, A and T. Therefore, Blood Types are the physical expressions of DNA. As DNA travels in pairs, so are your 2 Blood Types which you inherit. One is from your mother, one from your father or both from your mother or father. Primary Blood Type in one Strand and other on the second Strand,” says Bob Ainuu Afamasaga.

Mr. Afamasaga said, “We are very excited that to have combined both discoveries of DNA and Blood Types science on a simple invention which you can identify your 2 Blood Types and its DNA equivalents. From this result, we further identified your Rh Factors, Secretors, Non-Secretor status, genetic gender, disease predispositions, intelligences, skills and talents, personalities, DNA Diets, and much more. There is no All-In-One technology that is affordable, less than $20.00; easy to use; anyone can do it; and with such convenience, can be done in the privacy of your home; that is available in the world market that can accomplish what this invention can achieve. You don’t have to send in a saliva sample or some sort of sample and wait for a week or two for results. You will get your results within less than 10 minutes. Your 2 Blood Types and master DNA sequences tells everything about who you are. Download our brochures, evaluate, examine and see for yourself.”
24 DNA
Maota Afamasaga