Jordan Health and Wellness Destination Guide Drove Additional Success to the Jordan Conference

The Jordan Health and Wellness Destination Guide was revealed and distributed to congress participants during the International Medical Tourism, Wellness and Spa Congress, at the Dead Sea in Jordan on March 18-20, 2012.

West Palm Beach, FL, March 29, 2012 --( “The Conference was a great success for Jordan and gathered over 300 industry participants from the medical tourism field and insurance companies as well as official delegations representing Dubai Health Authority, Bahrain Ministry of Health, Turkish Healthcare Travel Council, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Defense and Ministries of Health and International Trade-all who appreciated the organization of the congress and the high level of international participation.” -Dr. Abdallah Hindawi, CEO Private Hospitals Association Jordan

This Congress was a collaborative effort between the Private Hospital Association of Jordan and the Medical Tourism Association as part of the MTA’s educational platform. In her opening keynote presentation, Ms. Stephano took the audience on a walk through time in exploring the medical tourism industry and Jordan’s international program development in response to industry development.

“Jordan provides a successful case study example of sustainable medical tourism development in as much as the Private Hospital Association of Jordan has created an organized, long term strategic approach through international accreditation, service development and niche marketing which will endure increased competition in its target markets. The conference unveiled tremendous interest from representatives from over 30 countries,” said Ms. Stephano.

“We were very pleased with the buyers of healthcare who attended and the foreign governments and insurance companies. We were also thrilled to unveil the Jordan Health and Wellness Destination Guide during the event. It was welcomed with enthusiastic support from conference participants and we are excited for the rest of the world to have access to Jordan’s top medical tourism resources. We are proud to have partnered with the MTA and look forward to years more of collaboration,” added Dr. Hindawi.

The Jordan Health and Wellness Guide Provides:

•Detailed analysis of what medical tourism is and considerations in receiving healthcare away from home
•Discover what makes Jordan a great medical tourism destination
•Medical procedures and treatments available in Jordan
•Important tips for planning and creating a budget for your Jordan medical trip
•Directory listing of healthcare providers, spas and accommodations in Jordan

As part of the MTA's continuing series on medical tourism, health and wellness, the Jordan Destination Guide is a “how-to” guide for individuals and employers seeking to learn about the health and wellness opportunities that exist throughout Jordan. The Medical Tourism Association will be providing this book online in both print and digitally at The MTA's website is now available in Russian, Arabic, Spanish and English so that consumers from all around the world can be exposed to healthcare destinations.

The hardcopy is available now on

About Private Hospital Association (PHA)

The Private Hospitals Association (PHA) is a private voluntary, non-profit organization that was established in 1984 representing the private hospitals interests in Jordan. The PHA’s Mission is to provide members with market-driven and integrated quality services aimed at developing their hospital's capacity to become globally competitive by adhering to the most stringent quality standards in the medical arena.

About the Medical Tourism Association Destination Guides

As nearly 100 countries around the world embrace the medical tourism industry, the Medical Tourism Association ™ has launched its Destination Guides program as a commitment to education, with a focus on consumer awareness. The Medical Tourism Association Destination Guides provide an exclusive focus on a destination, country or city with detailed information about the quality of healthcare in the destination, the healthcare infrastructure found in that region, as well as the wellness and preventative healthcare options the area possesses.

The Destination Guides are structured to educate consumers and take them through their medical tourism decision making process; from the moment they begin to research a destination, they will know what to look for. The key function of the Destination Guides is to empower medical travelers with knowledge on the industry and provide a step by step, set of guidelines to take into consideration when traveling for healthcare and/or wellness.

Additional features of the destination guides include instant free access for patients by downloading it from The print edition of the guides may be available through, iTunes, Kindle and other merchants for worldwide distribution.
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