SalesFloorLIVE Introduce New Module for Industry-Leading Workforce Management Software

Billings, MT, March 29, 2012 --( Business intelligence experts SalesFloorLIVE have recently announced the release of a new module for their popular workforce management software platform. The company’s new Salesfloor Director module is designed for the use of upper management representatives and will provide retail decision-makers with actionable business intelligence into real-time activities across stores in each region.

Workforce management solutions represent a tremendous opportunity for retail operations to capitalize on the increasing volume of available workforce data to optimize the use of working resources.

Companies gain an intrinsic value from these solutions by gaining access to valuable KPIs related to workforce management and arming store management with actionable visibility into employee performance within set periods of time and in set geographical locations.

And one of the lead benefits of workforce management software solutions, such as Salefloor Director, is that they allow in store decision makers to react to business processes in real-time. These software programs can monitor in-store conditions so that when a particular store experiences an up-tick in demand, company-wide decision-makers are provided with that information immediately, and can therefore better allocate their company representatives to respond to the emerging conditions.

This critical data helps companies improve their performance statistics in a number of key areas, including customer satisfaction, associate retention, and of course company profitability.

SalesFloorLIVE has consistently held a position at the forefront of the business intelligence development community. Now through their new Salesfloor Director module, they look to continue their rise to industry prominence.

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