SalesFloorLIVE Release New Labor Optimization Tool for Retail Businesses

Billings, MT, March 29, 2012 --( Business intelligence experts, SalesfloorLIVE have recently announced the addition of a new module to the company’s leading-class business software suite. The new addition, theSalesfloor Scheduler, is designed to ensure companies achieve superior labor optimization so that staffing levels can be correlated with changing in-store traffic levels to help organizations provide a superior customer-service experience.

One of the largest challenges for modern companies is integrating a versatile workforce analytics program within their business processes to ensure that decision-makers have access to real-time reporting. Now however, companies such as SalesFloorLIVE are introducing new solutions to the marketplace designed to help organizations reduce their labor costs and improve overall company performance.

As most business leaders know, labor is the largest controllable operating expense. The numbers show that companies are spending 10-15% of their sales figures on labor. This means that there is a great opportunity for companies that are armed with the requisite real-time insight into store performance to achieve superior labor optimization at key junctures within their schedules. By allocating resources directly according to the influx of customers at any one time, organizations are then better equipped to handle periods of high demand and better managed for financial resource allocation into other key areas of the business.

Through SalesFloorLIVE’s new Salesfloor Scheduler management can capture and track traffic patterns by hour and by day, providing up-to-the minute data insight that supports a superior customer service experience in both the short and long-term.

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