Fax Smarter: SACA Technologies Joins Forces with MyFax

Anaheim Hills, CA, March 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- SACA Technologies, a leading provider of IT products and services, today announced a partnership with MyFax, the world’s fastest-growing internet fax solution. SACA builds, implements, and suggests technologies that help businesses optimize their operations and lower their IT costs. With MyFax, businesses can send and receive faxes through email, smartphone, and the MyFaxCentral online interface. MyFax eliminates the costs of purchasing, supplying, and maintaining fax machines. Furthermore, MyFax makes faxing faster, easier, and more versatile. Interested businesses and independent professionals can sign up for the low-cost service here: http://www.myfax.com/overview.aspx.

“At SACA Technologies, we’re constantly searching for existing, emerging, and upcoming technologies that can improve our customers’ IT performance and lower their costs,” said Alexander Saca, SACA Technologies CEO. “Some people mistakenly view the fax as obsolete. But certain business processes still require both to be completed by hand and to be sent immediately to a location outside the office, and it is still faster and easier to fax a document than scanning, saving, and sending it.”

“SACA, along with our customers, have tried multiple other online fax solutions,” Mr. Saca continued. “None of them had the usability, reliability, and variety of features of MyFax, a product that turns a seldom-used pre-Internet technology into a vital Web 2.0 business tool.”

MyFax provides businesses with multiple ways to send and receive faxes. To send a fax by email, users only have to enter the destination fax number followed by @myfax.com (for example, 12223334444@myfax.com) in the subject line and append the documents as attachments. To receive a fax by email, users have a unique fax number designated to them by MyFax. When someone sends a fax to the number, the user receives the fax as an email attachment (either a PDF or TIFF file). Other ways MyFax lets users send and receive faxes include through its iPhone and Blackberry smartphone apps, its MyFaxCentral online platform, or its Microsoft Outlook plug-in.

The benefits of MyFax:
-The ability to conduct business that requires fax technology without having to own and maintain fax machines
-Automatically converts received faxes to a storable digital format
-Automatically keeps records of the origin, destination, and time of sent and received faxes
-Can send multiple faxes at once
-Can send faxes to multiple numbers at once
-Can send and receive faxes from anywhere at any time
-Will receive a fax even when a user does not have access to email or the web, unlike a fax machine that must be turned on and connected to a phone line to receive communications

“We’re excited about our new partnership with MyFax,” said Alexander Saca. “With MyFax, SACA Technologies’ customers can expect to achieve new efficiencies and lower-than-ever costs with their communications IT.”

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