Append an Email Address to Existing Contact Information in Real-Time

New Products appends a name and address with an email address to better communicate with customers.

Santa Barbara, CA, March 29, 2012 --( New DOTS Email Append Web Service Enhances Contact Information 24/7.

Service Objects, the leader in real-time contact validation, announces their newest product, DOTS Email AppendSM, which allows companies to build additional value into their in-house database by appending email addresses. Using a company’s existing permission-based contact list, DOTS Email Append adds the corresponding email address along with a certainty score in real-time. It utilizes proprietary algorithms to perform a battery of matching tests, linked to proprietary databases, to find accurate email address matches even when there is missing data or spelling errors in the submitted data.

DOTS Email Append enables businesses to increase response rates from their current contact list using appended email addresses to run opt-in email campaigns. In addition to decreasing the time and effort wasted following up on bad leads, this service can be integrated into most CRM or other contact centric applications to quickly update existing contacts with email address data, maintaining the integrity of the contact list and enhancing the value of existing contacts with a new means of communication.

Service Objects’ consumer database of 310 million records is used in combination with other address validation technology, delivering the highest and most accurate match rates possible with a return rate of up to 35%. Many existing services only return property-level matched email or, worse, false positive appended data. DOTS Email Append’s proprietary process provides high accuracy for a given individual’s email address and has one of the industry’s best match rates.

“DOTS Email Append gives companies the flexibility to use cost-effective online tools to stay in close communications with their existing customers,” said Geoff Grow, CEO and founder of Service Objects. “It provides a solution for enhancing their CRM system with email addresses and gives companies another powerful tool to help add new revenue streams or save existing ones.”

Here are some examples of the benefits of appending email address to a business’s current client list:

· Quickly inform customers of safety, warranty, recall, or security information
· Provide delivery notification for consumer initiated transactions
· Improve communications for ongoing relationships with existing customers

The new DOTS Email Append is a hosted XML web service with a published API. It is available now at the Service Objects website.

About Service Objects
Service Objects is the leader in real-time contact validation solutions. Each day businesses rely on Service Objects to validate hundreds of thousands of contacts to reduce fraud and improve customer contact through data validation and enhancement of incoming leads, web form data, and customer contact information. Service Objects has verified billions of contact records, with service availability of 99.995%, for thousands of companies in over 25 diverse industries. Records are verified utilizing USPS CASSTM Certified data and proprietary cleansing applications. Service Objects is a privately held company headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please visit us on the web at or call 800.694.6269.

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