Earmarq, LLC Announces Launch "Spring Has Sprung" Social Media Solutions Sales Drive

Earmarq, LLC, a leading social media marketing group, is excited to announce the launch of its "Spring Has Sprung" social media awareness program for businesses of all sizes.

Atlanta, GA, March 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Earmarq, LLC, a leading social media marketing group out of Atlanta, GA, is excited to announce the launch of its "Spring Has Sprung" social media awareness program. This program is designed to offer competitive pricing to businesses of all sizes in need of concentrated social and mobile media marketing. Earmarq, LLC has developed its own sound and tested methods to raise its client’s brand awareness across multiple social platforms while maintaining the brand(s) image and message for consistency and to the satisfaction of the client on all accounts.

Earmarq Partner Paul-Devon Lewow stated, “While some companies will offer you a blanket number of 'Friends,' 'Followers' or 'Likes,' Earmarq, LLC is not interested in 'artificial inflation of numbers.' We capture users with like minded interests that would consider your brand if they knew of its message or proximity." Lewow further explained, “The Earmarq approach creates the potential to, not only move the 'Likes' meter but, more importantly, move the sales needle at the same time.”

To enhance Earmarq’s Social Media campaigns, the company offers its clientele Mobile-to-Mobile Data Capture services through the opt-in mobile text short code system. Said Earmarq principal Joseph Kang, “This service provides our client with a new and even more effective method of connecting with its logical consumer,” he stated. “We believe that Mobile-to-Mobile Data Capture is an important component of our company’s services portfolio,” he went on to say.

While Earmarq's services are for business of all sizes the “Spring Has Sprung” promotion is targeted to sole proprietors and companies in the SMB market space looking to market their brand to potential new clientele. “In this day, no business of any size should be without an effective social media plan,” Lewow explained. “This is where Earmarq, LLC can go be most effective. We encourage any company looking for a cost-effective yet powerful Social media marketing campaign to Contact us. We look forward to reviewing your current social footprint,” Kang concluded.

About Earmarq, LLC:

Based in Atlanta, GA, Earmarq, LLC is a dynamic and game-changing social and mobile media marketing company with solid experience in event planning, product line development and strategic product marketing. Earmarq, LLC believes that the old ways of spreading your company's name have changed and will continue to evolve; that's where Earmarq, LLC comes in to provide your business solid footing in an ever-changing social media footprint. Earmarq, LLC, was established in 2009 by partners Paul-Devon Lewow and Joseph Kang, has successfully enhanced the Social media profiles of companies the likes of Europa Sports, Shubox Inc., Phil Keoghan (Host of CBS's "The Amazing Race"), Red Zone / Triangle Sound Studios, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Mullinax Pickups, Avenue of the Giants, Croshal Entertainment Group and more by assessing, re-establishing, promoting, raising the awareness of and in some instances socially re-branding the client in the most effective way possible. For more information, contact Earmarq, LLC via info@earmarq.com or call (678)664-4009.

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