New Book Details 9 Secrets Men Need to Know About Divorce

Men who are going through divorce face harsh challenges. But the author, E. James Marsh, a twice divorced father, explains that by learning 9 secrets a man can definitely experience a better life once the divorce decree is signed.

Eugene, OR, March 29, 2012 --( Is divorce advice for men different than advice for women? According to author E. James Marsh it is. His common sense guide addresses the physical, mental and emotional well-being for men as they navigate through the judicial and personal pain and heartache of a divorce.

Marsh writes in a straight-ahead yet sensitive style that weaves in anecdotal material from his own divorces. Also included is a helpful resources page that provides information to help ease the divorce process.

The author is intimately aware of the divorce process. "As liberated as this world is now, men still get screwed more often than women. Our justice system is way behind the times. And divorcing wives (and their attorneys) use
this well-known fact to their advantage time and again. Whether it involves children, division of assets or anything in between, divorcing husbands are almost always on the short end of the stick."

Published by 9 Publishing Company and distributed through the Amazon Kindle platform, "9 Secrets A Man Needs To Know About Divorce" helps readers come through the brutal divorce process with sanity and even a bit of optimism.

By following the ideas outlined in the 9 chapters, men will not only find informative tips to help as they go through a divorce, but solid ideas they can build on for better relationships and a better life in the future.

About the Author:

E. James Marsh is a father of four sons and works in the publishing business. He is currently writing articles and another book that deal with men's issues. Marsh lives in Eugene, Oregon.
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