The Darlings of Orange County Stings H-Town with Sexy Salacious Satire

Author, Jennifer S. Devore, will release her 4th book, a work of fiction, The Darlings of Orange County, published by KIMedia, LLC. The novel will be released in Kindle, Nook, and epub formats.

San Diego, CA, March 29, 2012 --( Veronica Darling has an image problem; nobody knows who she is. To get noticed in the literary and entertainment worlds, she soils her soul to bring Hollywood to the California Riviera.

The Darlings of Orange County is a salacious, hysterical and murderous romp that's overflowing and pulsating, like a bikini top that's way too small, with eco-terrorism, horseracing scandals, sleazy drug deals and an obligatory lipstick-lesbian affair. It all leads to a white-knuckled climax in a glitzy, celebrity-encrusted Laguna Beach film premiere that spells success for Veronica Darling and trouble for her friends and family.

"Like a virus, as she stood next to the sickness of celebrity, it infected her. She flashed back in an instant to what had worked for Raina Schein, dead “author” of The New York Times Best Seller My Vagina Loves You. It was at that moment that it dawned on her. These people didn’t want intelligence or historical-accuracy or morality and ethics wrapped up nicely in an exciting and well-written adventure. She watched the people watching Lorelei. They grew animal. They wanted dirty sex and reveled in the fear and threats of perceived violence.

"In an act of pure selfishness, Veronica jumped into action...reached up grabbed Lorelei’s blouse and ripped it open like she was welcoming the morning sunshine by pulling back the drapes." -Excerpt from The Darlings of Orange County

When asked about release of her fourth novel, Jennifer replied, “It’s bonkers! The idea for it spilled out of a bottle or two of red wine over dinner. Three years later, voila! All I can say is grab your sex wax and string bikinis, Guys and Dolls! If you think Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County is trashy, hold on to your bippies! You haven’t seen anything yet!”

Gary David of KIMedia, LLC, the book’s publisher, says, “We are really excited about this story. The comedy is sharp and the characters are dysfunctional riots. For a publisher, a novel like this, spit-out-your-coffee funny and sexy, is a dream come true. This story has it all.”

The novel will be released in Kindle, Nook and ePub formats.

To promote the book, the publisher is giving away free Kindle copies of the author’s second novel The Trials of Blackbeard and his Pirates (via only). The free book promotion begins Wednesday, March 28, 2012 through April 1, 2012. Take advantage of the free book promotion by following this link in a web browser:

KIMedia, LLC. is a publishing and visual media company based in San Diego, California:

Jennifer S. Devore is the author of the Savannah of Williamsburg novels. She writes for JennyPop.Net and is a regular contributor to the official San Diego Comic-Con Book. She also writes for under the pen name Miss Hannah Hart, Ghostdame of the Hotel del Coronado.
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