Local Solar Company is Approved for the Whole House Program

Solarponics joins participating contractors trained in California’s new energy savings program.

Atascadero, CA, March 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Whole House Program is part of Energy Upgrade California, a new statewide program that offers homeowners incentives up to $4,000 to complete select energy saving home improvements. These improvements are designed to reduce energy use, saving the homeowner money and California resources. The program is supported by the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, and local utility companies.

“Solarponics is excited to participate and support state programs promoting energy efficiency and conservation; further allowing us to help homeowners get a return on investment,” said Lawson Schaller, Solarponics Energy Analyst.

Contractors are specially trained to find ways to save the homeowner money for years to come. Generally the cost of these energy upgrades is recovered within three years time as a result of reduced utility bills. The whole house assessment also includes a CAS, Combustion Appliance Safety test to make sure that the home’s gas appliances are venting and performing correctly.

“The benefits for households is that they’re going to receive a professional science based assessment that will save them money, save resources, and improve home comfort. Once the efficiencies are in place it will allow for an accurately-sized renewable energy system,” said Schaller.

There are two upgrade packages that qualify for incentives, the Basic Upgrade Package and the Advanced Upgrade Package. The Basic Upgrade Package focuses on insulation, while the Advanced Upgrade Package requires homeowners to make all the Basic upgrades in addition to installing some new systems. The amount in rebates given to homeowners is based on the amount of energy saved.

At this time the Whole House Program applies to single family detached units, and two to four unit buildings only. Homeowners interested in receiving incentives for making energy efficient upgrades should begin at the Energy Upgrade California website where a lot of basic questions about the program are answered. Solarponics can also walk the homeowner through the process. Certified contractors performing the assessments can handle the majority of the paperwork for the rebates should homeowners decide to participate in the program.

Solarponics is the Central Coast’s alternative energy pioneer, helping residents achieve energy independence for over 35 years. The longest continuously owned and operated solar company in California, Solarponics has been family owned and operated since 1975. Solarponics can install and service solar electric systems, solar hot water, wind energy systems, solar pool heating and radiant heating systems. For more information, visit solarponics.com, or follow them on Twitter @solarponics and on Facebook.
Jessica Wynne