SOFPRO Releases PC Guard for .NET/Win32 05.10.0000

SOFPRO has released new update for PC Guard for .NET (Win32). This update brings new, most anticipated USB protection method which allows locking of protected applications to single USB drive (Flash/HD).

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, March 30, 2012 --( PC Guard for .NET (Win32) is a professional software protection and licensing system for .NET framework and Windows 32bit applications.

PC Guard for .NET (Win32) can by used by anyone, from absolute beginners to professional programmers.

Main features include application encryption, hardware locking, USB drive locking, serial numbers, demo mode, demo extension, remote activation, limited license, license removal, license update, license transfer, license extension and much more.

What's new in this release:

CODE protection method has been replaced with new USB protection method.

In case of USB protection application is locked to single USB drive (flash/HD) and will work on any computer as long as appropriate USB drive is connected to it. USB drive is required for protection process and drive serial number is used for encryption of protected application.

Protected application can be run directly from USB drive or from any other drive on computer as long as USB drive is attached to computer.

All features available for PLAIN protection like ability to create trial versions or protect application with serial numbers are still available for USB protection method with one exception: application protected with USB protection can not be run on computer without USB drive used for encryption.

Pricing and Availability:

PC Guard for .NET is priced 399.95 EUR per copy.
PC Guard for Win32 is priced 249.95 EUR per copy.

Trial versions can be downloaded online from:


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