Ayata CEO, Atanu Basu, Explains Prescriptive Analytics®

Learn why business leaders are using Prescriptive Analytics to make smarter decisions.

Austin, TX, March 30, 2012 --(PR.com)-- What: Ayata has released a brief educational overview video explaining the evolution of business analytics and its maturation to its final phase, Prescriptive Analytics®. Learn how corporations can use Prescriptive Analytics software to transform decision making, by proactively taking advantage of the information housed in their big data assets.

This evolution began with descriptive analytics, which looks at past performance and understands that performance by mining historical data. The next phase involves predictive capabilities, where historical performance data is combined with rules, algorithms, and occasionally external data to predict future outcomes.

However, a much more technologically advanced solution that provides decision making guidance for future, called Prescriptive Analytics, is now available. Prescriptive Analytics software automatically synthesizes big data, mathematical sciences, business rules, and machine learning to suggest decision options that will take advantage of the predictions. Moreover, Prescriptive Analytics shows the decision-maker the implications of each decision option.

Where: The video can be accessed at the viewer’s convenience on the Ayata website at www.ayata.com/company/about.

Who: Business and IT executives will benefit by learning how Prescriptive Analytics provides the revolutionary ability to take decisive actions, ensuring the most beneficial future outcomes for both the organization and its customers. Leading companies in industries such as healthcare, software, telecom, energy, and networking are already using Prescriptive Analytics to gain competitive advantage. Learn more about Ayata’s customers at www.ayata.com/customers.

Why Listen: This video provides valuable information to business and IT executives who are seeking ways to use their data to improve decision making to increase profits, control costs, and enhance customer relationships.

About Ayata: Ayata is the leader in Prescriptive Analytics – the science of automatically synthesizing big data, mathematical sciences, business rules, and machine learning to make smarter decisions about future outcomes of business processes. Ayata’ s enterprise customers use Prescriptive Analytics software to predict future outcomes of their critical business processes, prescribe decision options, and understand the impact of each decision option. Ayata’s technology is adaptive and thus can continuously facilitate accurate decision-making. Ayata is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information, contact Ayata at info@ayata.com, 888.982.9282, visit www.ayata.com, and follow us on Twitter at Ayata Analytics, https://twitter.com/#!/AyataAnalytics.

Prescriptive Analytics is a US Trademark of Ayata, formerly known as DataInfoCom. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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