This Book May be Stupid – But Christopher Nosnibor’s No April Fool as Clinicality Press Unveil New Novel

Published by Clinicality Press on April 1st, Christopher Nosnibor’s latest novel is designed to baffle, perplex, irritate... and to entertain. Entitled "This Book is F*cking Stupid," it’s also another willful work of self-sabotage.

York, United Kingdom, March 31, 2012 --( Combining fiction, autobiography, social commentary, literary criticism, academia and an obsessive level of detail, "This Book is F*cking Stupid" challenges the very concept of "the novel." But beneath the high concept lies a touchingly contemporary tale of friendship and loss.

Boasting a title that borders on the unmarketable and is guaranteed to be blocked by most retailers, "This Book is F*cking Stupid" is arguably the very definition of commercial suicide. The paper-thin plot eschews literary conventions such as character development and linear progression, and instead focuses on a brief period of stasis in the lives of two friends who are growing apart.

Ben and Stuart are old friends. Having known one another since school, they’ve grown up together and remained friends into adulthood. But now into their thirties, their lives have taken very different paths, and they’re now very different people, leading very different lives, following different careers. Ben is a conformist: office job, moderately successful, and teetering on the brink of a premature midlife crisis. Stuart is a rebellious non-conformist, a lifelong student and a writer who sneers at the humdrum and derides corporate sell-outs.

Ben is tortured by the tedium of his job and struggling with his work / life balance and worries about money and living a life unfulfilled, while Stuart worries about his thesis and living a life unfulfilled and pretends not to care about money. But are they really so very different?

However, true to form, Nosnibor shatters all semblance of continuity to forge a work that stretches what can be considered a novel to breaking point. Identities crumble beneath the weight of self-negating ideas and linear narrative dissolves in a corrosive tsunami of conflicting concepts and contradictory commentaries. "This Book" is a challenging and labyrinthine work designed to confuse, bewilder and frustrate, as well an beguile, amuse and entertain. "This Book" may be stupid, or it may be a work of genius. Either way, it’s a book like no other.

‘This Book is F*cking Stupid’ will be published via Smashwords as an e-book by Clinicality Press on 1st April 2012 with a launch price of just $0.99.
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Stuart Bateman