Retail Management Guru, Julian Gladstone Pens Memoir About His Life and Cross Dressing

Author, Julian Gladstone is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Never Climbed His Mountain. Gladstone says, " At this moment millions of American males are publicly 'underdressing' in feminine lingerie. And no, they are not gay!"

Miami, FL, April 05, 2012 --( At this moment millions of American males are publicly "underdressing" in feminine lingerie. And no, they are not gay!

Follow the true story of an imperfect human beset with anxieties and sexual demons, of triumphs and heartaches, searching for “success” without knowing its meaning and a God he briefly touches—then the following “Contents” becomes the bones, the skeleton. Only within this book’s covers will flesh and sinew be revealed along with unexpected gems of places and famous people, of personal peril, and unique slants of observation. The Gladstone Legacy Co. promises that this is one memoir readers will always remember.

Back Cover: "You probably won't bother glancing at the woman going into the next fitting room at the department store or that girl shopping in the supermarket but they may indeed be heterosexual males 'en femme' just blending in. And there are millions more - your son's school principal, your accountant, friendly attorney, mailman, commercial airline pilot, Marine Corps sergeant or 18-wheeler truck driver who are 'underdressed' in feminine attire every day while at work but once away from public scrutiny - yes, often with wife and children present - take on the female persona in which they are most comfortable. This is the disarmingly honest engrossing life story of one."

Book Information:
Never Climbed His Mountain (Second Edition)
Author: Julian Gladstone
Publisher: Infinity Publishing Co.
ISBN: 978-0741469892
Pages: 534
Published: November 2011

About The Author
Born in the lap of luxury in New York City, a teenager in Larchmont, New York, Julian Gladstone enlisted as a navigator in World War II. He graduated the Wharton School before entering the motion picture industry and then millinery manufacturing in Montreal. For forty years Julian worked at every level in conventional, discount and catalog showroom management, coast to coast, before starting his own business. He initiated many retail firsts and provided seminars at national retail conventions. His career culminated with several chains in the Northwest.

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Julian Gladstone