Black Rose Writing Presents The AntiCAT Book by Bruce Sheiman

A Book for Dog-People and Cat-People. The pet world is divided into two groups – dog-people and cat-people – each claiming that its preferred animal is the reigning champion.

New York, NY, March 31, 2012 --( A Book for Dog-People and Cat-People

The pet world is divided into two groups – dog-people and cat-people – each claiming that its preferred animal is the reigning champion. This is the first book that tells the truth about dogs and cats, explains why dogs are America’s favorite pet, and exposes the dark secrets of the cat psyche. Today, nearly 100 million American households own dogs and/or cats.

Dogs vs. Cats: Which Pet Is Superior?
In Western culture, dogs are virtually synonymous with heroism, nobility and loyalty. Humanitarian services performed by dogs include helping the blind and infirm, sniffing out bombs, locating lost people, finding drugs, and discovering cancer in patients.

Moreover, The AntiCAT Book offers proof that, in the endless rivalry between canines and felines, dogs are eminently superior with respect to their cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, language comprehension, and service to humanity – all the while helping to make us better human beings.

No animal has developed a closer relationship with humanity than dogs, which possess remarkable mental and social skills that enable them to thrive in a human environment. Dogs live by the Golden Rule: treating others the way we all expect to be treated. Yet cats seem driven by the opposite principle: treating others as a means to get what they want.

The AntiCAT Book presents a contrarian view to all the syrupy-sweet volumes that portray cats as cuddly creatures, and reveals cats to be what they really are: not-very-bright, difficult-to-train, self-centered animals that luxuriate in human benevolence but give little in return.

Invariably, cats’ cuteness belies their true nature as solitary hunters that cannot resist the temptation, even with full stomachs, to pounce on vulnerable prey. According to the National Audubon Society, worldwide cats are involved in the extinction of more bird species that any other factor, except habitat destruction. And the World Conservation Union lists domestic cats as one of the worst invasive species.

This book concludes that dogs are emotional peers to humans, whereas cats are hopelessly indifferent to human concerns. Thus, dogs and cats each have an acute sense of smell. In the case of dogs, it is used to discover bombs, narcotics, missing people and cancer. In the case of cats, it is employed to locate the two-day-old tuna sandwich that dropped behind the couch.

Exclusive “Pet Preference Survey”
Featured at the end of the book and incorporated into the book’s website ( is a distinctive “Pet Preference Survey” where readers have the opportunity to vote for their favorite pet and express their feelings about the differences between dogs and cats. This is the most illuminating pet-owner survey ever undertaken. In addition, a weekly summary of survey results will appear on our website,

Author’s Background
Bruce Sheiman has lived with both dogs and cats, and has been a long-term student of canine and feline behavior. He feels that the one year he lived with a former girlfriend’s two cats has earned him the equivalent of a PhD in cat behavior. He also feels having grown up with a German shepherd and most recently living with a girlfriend’s two Chihuahuas indicates that he understands the canine psyche well enough to make a comparison with a cat’s innate temperament and personality.

Availability of the Book
The AntiCAT Book is now available for review request (both hard copy and electronic). Purchase from and other online bookstores, including electronic versions. The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalogue, Books in Print, Baker & Taylor. ISBN # 978-1-61296-090-6.

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