Pacific Conferences Addresses How Shopper Marketing Deepens Its Root in Asia

Organisations need to polish perceptions of shopper marketing for business success

Singapore, Singapore, April 01, 2012 --( The concept of consumerism has evolved amidst technological advancements and a complicated economic situation across Asia’s diverse markets. Purchase decisions are delayed, if not altered, as every brand re-creates their preferred consumer touchpoints. The possibilities of reaching shoppers before they reach the store have hence inflated – word-of-mouth, outdoor advertising, social networks and more. Beyond demographics, consumer product companies and retailers that are able to analyse and translate behavioural data into shopper insights will be better equipped to convert passive awareness into active purchases. Along the shopper journey, companies need to inject an appropriate loyalty scheme in order to extend CLV for the future and increase marketing ROI.

This however, may not be widely practised in Asia as yet. Organisations have not fully recognised the relevance of shopper marketing and amidst a sluggish economy, requests to increase resource-allocation for basic marketing spend proves difficult. Without doubt, the shopper concept unfamiliar to many will face greater challenges in seeking organisational support. Nonetheless, organisations must start somewhere, at least to gain an accurate perception of what shopper marketing is. “Shopper has taken root much later in Asia than it has in the West, so there is still both apprehension and misunderstanding about whether it’s vital to business success and how it can be managed. But in a region with such a diverse mix of both mature-emerging and modern-traditional trade environments, it’s absolutely essential,” says Michael Robinson, APAC Shopper Marketing Director, SEA+KOR Managing Director of Momentum Worldwide.

To equip organisations with appropriate shopper marketing knowledge for trade marketing and channel planning, a 2-day conference on “Asia Shopper Marketing & Insights conference” will be held on 7 – 8 May in Singapore and 10 – 11 May in Hong Kong, during which real-world practitioners will share case-studies and insights on shopper engagement, customer activation, loyalty management, virtual retailing, revolutionised P2P and more. Attendees can adopt technical skills to better protect their organisation against new fraud techniques and strike a balance between technological advancements with traditional IA expertise.

This year’s conference aims to elucidate issues related to shopper marketing’s traditional P2P, new media platforms and category growth levers. Experts sharing include Andy Tosney, VP Sales, Asia Pacific at Kraft Foods, Bob Neville, Global Retail Creative Director & Head of Retail at New Balance, Nik Laming, Senior VP, Asia Pacific at Aimia Inc and many others.

Attendees will learn from case-studies shared by Microsoft, Philips, Swarovski, engage Ltd, among others, on how to align retailers and brands’ perspectives as well as integrate digital with traditional marketing platforms, in order to offer the right choices at the right place and time.

Conference Details:

Title: Asia Shopper Marketing & Insights
Date & Venue:
7 – 8 May 2012, Sheraton Towers, Singapore
10 – 11 May 2011, Regal Hongkong Hotel, Hong Kong
Organiser : Pacific Conferences
Contact Person : Ms Leah Katigbak
Tel : (65) 6592 7353

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