Savant Books Announces Release of Brian Morley's Novel, "Number One Bestseller" in Multi-eBook Formats

Savant Books and Publications LLC, Honolulu, Hawaii, announces the release of Brian Morley's new action/adventure police novel, "Number One Bestseller" in multiple eBook formats.

Honolulu, HI, April 01, 2012 --( An ordinary day. A conversation is overheard at New York's F.B.I. headquarters. A decision to act is made. Now, no more ordinary days. Mix one murder after another, some taken-down drug lords, a fixed NFL game, an overthrown mobster; combine with the emotional baggage of a war never won and a frustrated writer-cop; add more than a pinch of romance, romance betrayed, and romance rekindled, and you have a "Number One Bestseller." It's NYPD Homicide Detective First Grade James "Mack" McConville and friend's last chance to grab the brass ring. And grab they do...

Born and raised on the streets of the Bronx in New York, author Brian Morley experienced growing up with the warmth and love of his family on a tree lined street, while other parts of the borough struggled with gang violence and murder. Living with these two faces of the Bronx plagued many growing up in the city; Brian’s life path, however, followed that of his father in law enforcement. Known for his ability to lay back and fit in while listening to people from all different walks of life share stories, he likes to develop and interweave these stories into realistic fiction. Sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying, but always serious, the result is an accurate reflection of life "on the beat."

"Writing 'Number One Bestseller' was like reliving my past. I drew heavily from my own experiences (although I don't have several million stashed away like the protagonist)," says Morley. "I love last minute twists, and a central character, Detective 'Mack' McConville, tough enough to survive them, but at the same time I wanted him to be able to laugh at himself and others. Love is also quite important to me: new love, where a couple can't bear to be apart even for a second; uncertain love, where the two can't be certain if what they each secretly and desperately hope for will last; that special love that comes from rediscovering the faith to reaffirm love that's been damaged by the ravages of time and life. Another interest of mine is football. I wasn't at all sure how these different elements would come together, but come together they did and in a totally unexpected way. I therefore dedicate this work to everyone who has played on the field of love, been tackled hard and got up to run the next play, or who's had to reluctantly accommodate an avid TV football fan."

"Number One Bestseller" by Brian Morley - 320 pages Re-Released by Savant Books and Publications as an eBook in March 2012.

This book is now available as a softcover pocketbook and eBook Kindle, Tablet, iPad, Nook, Sony, Smartphone and Adobe.pdf formats at

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